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Can you really learn to code in 30 days?


Who says you need 10 years to become a good programmer? You can get surprisingly good at something with just 20 hours of focused, dedicated work.

Are you going to be an expert after 30 days? No way. But we've had thousands of successful students and we've seen first-hand the amazing progress that they've been able to make in less than a month. In fact, Mattan personally taught himself to code and ended up winning a hackathon by himself within less than six months.

Yes, there are some things that you can only learn with time, but anyone who says you need 10 years to become good at programming is a liar.

Meet our lead instructors

Mattan Griffel - Co-Founder of One Month. Mattan is also a professor at Columbia Business School and was named one of Forbes' "30 under 30" game-changers in education.

Chris Castiglione - Co-Founder and Master Teacher at One Month. Chris was the first-ever teacher at General Assembly, and is also a professor at Columbia University where he teaches Digital Literacy for the MBA students.

Mattan and chris

Over 60,000 students have taken One Month courses and gone on to build amazing businesses and careers.

Alex K. Endorsement

"One Month helped me launch an app that would have cost $20,000 using a Rails developer. I built it myself in a weekend."

– Alex K.

Teena B. Endorsement

"One Month has been such an awesome intro to programming, and I'm discovering that I love it!"

– Teena B.

Jordan W. Endorsement

"One Month is the best place to learn programming. The teachers are phenomenal. People from all backgrounds can grasp the concepts."

– Jordan W.

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