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About This Course

Our React Online Course is a series of video lessons and tutorials that show students who have a basic JavaScript background how to build three real-world projects that you can add to your website. You will learn how to make your website more interactive and engaging using JavaScript & React.

React was created by Facebook. Think about your Facebook timeline: There are a lot of different components there with a lot going on: the timeline updates when there are new status updates, you can “like” or comment on a status update, you can get messages from Messenger, you can search for people, right?

For a long, long time, creating interactive experiences like this in JavaScript was doable but led to messy code that was difficult to maintain. A common term for this is "spaghetti code" because all the different parts of it intertwine like the pasta on a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

React gives us a way to organize our code. Our views (i.e. components) are self-contained and, ideally, do just a single thing. This helps us work with other people because when they come look at our code it will be easier for them to understand it. And it makes our code more robust because giving each component just one role to do cuts down on the likelihood of nasty bugs being introduced.

Note: Ready to learn react? Great! Before you begin, we suggest an intermediate understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript are necessary for this course. If you have no coding experience, we suggest you Learn HTML and Learn JavaScript.

Week 1 - Fundamentals of React.js

In week one, we’ll build a simple React app! We’ll read through a complete React project so that you can begin to answer questions like: When do I choose between JavaScript vs. React? Why do I even need React? And why is React quickly becoming the most popular JS framework on the Web?

Week 2 - Social Media Card

If you’re building the next Twitter, Instagram, or any social media site that has user profiles then React can help you build your user interface. In this week, we’ll use API data, to populate a user profile page.

Week 3 - Pomodoro Timer

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method used to break down work intervals: 25 minutes of deep work, followed by a 5 minute break. In this week, we’ll build an app to help us focus. The Pomodoro Timer we create will tell us when to work, and when to take a break.

Week 4 - Product Search

In the final week, you’ll learn enough React to build an app that searches through a list of products. This will be necessary for any app you create where you’d like to parse through lists of users, products, or any data set.

Is this course for you?

If you have some basic knowledge of JavaScript and are ready to take the next step by learning the fundamentals of React.js, then you're in the right place. This online bootcamp will have you building real-world projects using React. 

One Month's React bootcamp is designed for students with JavaScript experience who want to excel at their current development job, make a career change, or add powerful front-end features to their own app.

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Week 1
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Let's talk about the importance of React and the prerequisites you will need to take this course.

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Let's talk about the importance of React and the prerequisites you will need to take this course.

What is React?

A discussion of the purpose and popularity of React, and why it's so effective in rendering user interfaces.

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About the Instructor

Chris Castiglione is the co-founder of One Month, and a professor at Columbia University Business School where he teaches Digital Literacy. He was a developer for 12 years during which time he built websites for the Black Eyed Peas, Toyota, Bacardi, and American Express (to name a few). Chris was the first-ever teacher at General Assembly in 2011. At One Month Chris teaches One Month JavaScript, HTML, Bitcoin & Ethereum, and Programming for Non-Programmer. His mission is to use storytelling as a tool to inspire positive change in the world.

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