Course Progress

Day 2 22 minutes

    1. Project Roadmap

    Let's get our hands dirty

    2. Most Companies Only Track 3 Things

    The key is to map out the user lifecycle for your product

    3. The Lean Marketing Funnel

    The Lean Marketing Funnel brings order to the chaos of the growth...

    4. Let's See it in Action

    A more in depth look at the Lean Marketing Funnel

    5. LMF in Action: Dropbox and Yelp

    After this you’ll start seeing Websites in a different way.

    6. LMF in Action Review: Dropbox & Yelp

    How did you do? Let's take a look at the answers together!

Day 3 10 minutes

    1. It All Starts With a Landing Page

    Let's focus on Acquisition first

    2. "But I don't want to build a landing page"

    Let's talk about why you should pay attention to this part.

    3. Let's Create a Landing Page with Unbounce

    Unbounce is awesome!

Day 4 15 minutes

    1. Is Your Product a Vitamin or a Painkiller?

    If you want to grow quickly, solve a problem people realize they have

    2. The Law of Contraction

    You can compete with much bigger companies by following this law

    3. Customer Development and Validation

    So how do we learn about who our audience is?

Day 5 21 minutes

    1. Copywriting

    Copy is what you write to get people to do something.

    2. Go Deeper

    Get excited about writing good headlines!

    3. Body Copy

    What about the rest of the page?

    4. Call to Action

    Learn about how you can get someone to take an action once they land on your site.

Day 6 10 minutes

    1. Worksheet: Write Copy for the Page

    Hey! What're ya sellin'?

    2. Putting it All in

    Your copy looks good, let's use it!

Day 7 14 minutes

    1. Download the Week 2 Worksheet

    2. A/B Testing

    Want to get more user signups? Try this experiment that really works!

    3. How to Run a Proper Experiment

    Let's try our first real experiment!

    4. Setting Up a Headline Test in Unbounce

    Getting down to business: A/B testing out different headlines

    5. Go Deeper

    Some required reading to make you a pro A/B tester

Day 8 3 minutes

    1. User Testing and Feedback

    Getting User feedback

    2. Go Deeper

    Drool-worthy landing pages

Day 9 17 minutes

    1. Setting Up Mixpanel

    Let's get into analytics!

    2. Tracking Page Views

    Use a little bit of code to get a lot of new data

    3. Add Variant to Events

    Wouldn't it be cool if you could see how people go through your site? You can!

Day 10 16 minutes

    1. Segmentation Reports

    Get specific about who's viewing your site

    2. Funnel Reports

    How do you know who's coming to your page?

    3. Add a Submitted Email Event

    Once you're already tracking events, setting up a funnel is easy

    4. Creating the Signup Funnel

    Set up funnels to watch how users convert on your site.

Day 11 17 minutes

    1. 3 Kinds of E-Mail Marketing

    Email is the most effective channel for getting ideas out there

    2. Sign up for Mailchimp

    Get the skinning on an incredibly useful tool

    3. Connecting Mailchimp to Unbounce

    Diving into integration

    4. Go Deeper

    Want to learn more about Email marketing?

    5. Download the Week 3 Worksheet

Day 12 43 minutes

    1. 10 Day Drip and Day 1

    When I drip you drip we drip

    2. Day 4

    Analyzing the second Email we sent

    3. Day 8:9:10

    This is the exciting part!

    4. 28 Day Drip

    Generally, you want a longer drip

    5. Subject Lines that Open Emails

    It's the most important part!

    6. Go Deeper

    Linkage to get you flying

    7. Body Copy and Call to Action

    Do what you want with my body....copy

    8. Go Deeper

    Tips for inspiring good copy

    9. Double Opt-in Growth Hacks

    Covert double opt-ins

Day 13 14 minutes

    1. Create Your 10 Day Drip

    Drip it, drip it good

    2. Getting Confirmed in Mailchimp

    Get set up with Mailchimp to send autoresponders

    3. Add Auto-responders to Mailchimp

    Send it during the week, man, not the weekend

Day 14 25 minutes

    1. Get 10 Signups

    Don't stop Reddit, Reddit!

    2. Acquisition Channels

    Reelin' em in

    3. Acquisition Concepts

    Every day I'm hustlin'

    4. UTM Tracking

    Measure the quality of your traffic sources through testing

Day 15 34 minutes

    1. Paid Advertising Options

    We're about to cover a lot of ground. Let's go!

    2. Elements of a Paid Ad

    Let's check out examples of real ads

    3. How You Buy Online Ads

    It's all about risk

    4. Tracking Results

    If your ads are running, you better go catch 'em!

    5. Different Forms of Targeting

    How do we actually target the people who are going to see the ad?

    6. Ads and Ad Platforms as a Research Tool

    Find out more about your users with these tools

Day 16 11 minutes

    1. Organic Content Strategy

    Spread useful content!

    2. Content Growth Hacks

    What's one habit I encourage everyone to develop?

Day 17 24 minutes

    1. What is SEO?

    How do I get my site to the top of the heap?!

    2. SEO Growth Hacks

    I'll share some of my favorites

    3. SEO Resources

    Start your SEO journey

Day 18 15 minutes

    1. Manufacturing a Story

    Trust me, I'm lying

    2. How to Get Almost Anyone's E-Mail Address

    Hacking the system to get connected!

    3. What Do You Say?

    Pitching your ideas to the Media can be tricky...

Day 19 13 minutes

    1. Virality - A Primer

    Let's talk about referrals, baby!

    2. Referral

    Let's talk strategies

    3. Go Deeper

    Good reads from smart guys

Day 20 7 minutes

    1. Onboarding

    Got users?

    2. Useronboard: Mobile Flows and Worksheet

    What are other products doing right?

Day 21 8 minutes

    1. Measuring Retention

    You want to not only increase users, but keep them!

    2. Retention Growth Hacks

    A few more tricks for retention

Day 22 12 minutes

    1. Backing into Revenue Numbers

    Figure out the best way to make the money, honey

    2. Why Defer Monetization?

    Reduce your growth's friction and restriction

    3. The Magical Numbers 9 and 7

    You'll never look at pricing the same way again

    4. Sales

    Everybody loves a bargain

    5. Pricing Tiers and Free Trials

    A few more tips and tricks

    6. Get your certificate

Bonus Videos 4 minutes

    1. Sell This Growth Hacking Video (And Make Money)

    Sell this video and get growth hacking!

    2. What About B2B?

    For every season churn, churn, churn