One of the First Growth Hacks

Day 1 · Lesson 4 · 5 minutes

Why has Growth Hacking made some of today's biggest companies so successful?

1. How Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith hacked the system 

  1. They built their product - Hotmail
  2. Raised funds
  3. Developed an ad strategy
  4. Launched terribly
  5. They took a chance, and added "P.S. I love you. Get your free Email at Hotmail" at the bottom of Emails
  6. One risky PR strategy gained them exponential growth
  7. It's not an anomaly - We've seen similar stories through companies like Facebook, Zynga, Snapchat, Groupon etc. 

2. What big question we will answer over the next 30 days 

How come certain companies succeed when others have failed?