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The Small Wonder State For Startups

Project 1: Introduction & Operations ยท Lesson 3 ยท

Why Delaware? We cover why most corporations happen to be based in Delaware, and why it's advantageous to register your startup there.

** Note: You are responsible for renewing your Delaware filing every year. Delaware will send you a reminder each year for roughly $125/yr until you dissolve the LLC** 

Different states have different requires for businesses wanting to incorporate. Some are more onerous or costly, and some are Delaware. 

The First State is first-rate for startups in terms of how easy it is to incorporate there. It's fairly painless to actually file a corporation there. It has a lot of services there to support businesses as they incorporate. But mostly importantly, Delaware has a large corporate body of law and precedents, or cases that have happened and set an example for how future cases might be resolved.

This robust corporate legal framework takes a lot of the uncertainty out of what may happen if your business ever has to go to court. And certainty will certainly make your investors happy.