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What's the Goal?

Welcome and Orientation! ยท Lesson 2 ยท 4 minutes

Here's what we cover in the course

End goal:

Demo – 2.5 minutes

Final Project: YC Application

The best final project wins a cash prize. You’ll also get a certificate of completion when you finish the course.

Week 1: Setting up the foundation

- Name & Incorporation

- Managing yourself

- Problems you’ll run into

Week 2: Building a product users love

- Build a website if you don’t have one already

- How to talk about your product

- Pinpoint problem you’re trying to solve

- Customer development

Week 3: Building a team

- Bringing on all the right people

- Email templates

- Network map

Week 4: Final Project: YC Application & Demo

- How do you make money

- Metrics to track

- Fundraising

Also great bonus interviews

Check out Kevin Hale, and Evan Walden, two of my favorites.

This class is an experiment

It’s hard to meet everyone’s needs. Let's create a dialogue.