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Project 1: Introduction & Operations ยท Lesson 2 ยท

In this lesson, we go through the setup on a Clerky Account, and how to generate all the incorporation documents you need. Prepare to check All. The. Boxes.

Once you've agreed to all terms of use on Clerky, it's time to go through and actually select the incorporation documents you need.

It's worth going through the guide for them in detail, so that you're familiar with exactly what you're asking for. There are some important reminders, as well as guides for how to set up the electronic signing and what you can expect to deal with post-signing. 

As you fill in the template, you can glance at what the actual document is going to look like by clicking on the 'Certificate Of Incorporation' under the 'Document' column on the right. 


The first step in filling out the documentation to to pick a company name with a valid corporate suffix (inc. co.). You can make sure the name you want is available through the Delaware Secretary of State page on corporations