What we'll be doing

Week 1: Introduction to Ruby · Lesson 1 · 2 minutes

- Okay, so first things first.
Let's talk really quickly about what we're gonna be covering
in this class so that you know what to expect.
First, we're gonna take a deep dive into Ruby
and learn the ins and outs of the language.
Ruby is an incredibly powerful,
really cool language to learn
that you'll find is fun to use, easy to read.
You can do a lot of stuff with it,
and so I'm gonna be showing you
how to write your own scripts,
how to use those scripts to do things, automate tasks,
and also, later in the course,
I'm gonna show you how to interact
with APIs using Ruby scripts
and also build a web scraper using Ruby,
and you can use Ruby to then go on
and do stuff like build web applications in Ruby on Rails,
for example, or if you check out the One Month Rails class,
you'll learn more about how to do that,
or if you've already taken One Month Rails, in this class,
we'll teach you more about the Ruby side.
They're kinda two independent skillsets,
and they definitely complement each other nicely,
but there's a lot you can do with Ruby that is different
from just building websites,
and I'm gonna show you a little bit about that.
I'm also gonna show you
how to do a little bit of data analysis.
In Ruby, say someone gives you a CSV file or an Excel file,
how you can actually interact with that.
What I'm gonna try to avoid as much as possible is lame,
boring exercises that are not really applicable
for stuff you wanna be doing,
but at the end of the day,
you are learning a programming language,
so there may be a bit of tedium along the way.
So I ask that you bear with me on that,
and we're gonna try to make it as interesting as possible.
So yeah, move on to the next step,
and I'm gonna show you how to set up your computer
so we can get started.