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Welcome to One Month's Learn Ruby!

Week 1: Introduction to Ruby ยท Lesson 1 ยท

A quick overview of what we'll be doing in this class.

Welcome to One Month Ruby. I'm really excited to have you as a student, and I hope you're excited to learn some pretty cool stuff over the next month. By the end, if you stick along with it and do the work, I promise you'll have a deeper understanding of how to code with Ruby and maybe build that application, start a new job in development, or get that promotion you've been waiting for.

What are we going to learn?

Over the course of this class we're going to learn basic Ruby, write our first scripts, and eventually interact with APIs and do some web scraping.

I think it's pretty cool, and surprisingly easy.

In the first section, we'll get set up and install Ruby and all the different things that we'll actually need to go through this course.

It's a little bit of a pain – I want to give you a heads up – but we have a special solution just for that. We'll take a look at that shortly.

How many times per week should you take this class?

Well, different people can take it at a different pace. What I recommend is that you set aside about two to three sessions a week to watch a handful of videos – something like two or three at a time. I know that when you start this, you'll be wondering if you're going to make it till the end of the month. But before you know it, you'll be coasting through the lessons.