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Customizing your terminal

Week 1: Introduction to Ruby ยท Lesson 4 ยท

- Okay, I'm gonna close out my text editor
'cause we don't need that right now
and before we actually move on,
I'm gonna do a little bit of customization
to how this guy looks,
just to make it easier for you guys to read.
Now this is something you can play around with on your own
if you get bash you can play around with the way it looks.
Yours may look different from mine.
That's okay.
I'm basically just gonna go with something like a Homebrew
because it'll be somewhat easier to read.
Make this the default.
How do I make a default?
There you go.
And I'll make the text bigger.
So make it like a size 14.
Size 16 even?
Let's go with 18.
Never hurts.
So I'm gonna make that the default.
Close that out.
That way if I open up a new tab or a new shell,
boom, done.
Same one, looks good.
Clear this out 'cause that is painful to look at.
Okay, so you can feel free to play around with
the way that your looks and get it to look however you want.
If that doesn't excite you, then don't worry about it.
Move on to the next step.