Course Progress

Week 1: Introduction to Ruby 34 minutes

    1. What we'll be doing

    A quick overview of what we'll be doing in this class.

    2. A quick primer on Ruby

    Let's get some background on Ruby real quick.

    3. Getting your terminal and text editor set up

    Make sure you have Sublime Text and the Command Line ready before moving on.

    4. Customizing your terminal

    Feel free to play around with the look and feel of your command line so that you can get something you like working with.

    5. Setting up Ruby

    Let's get Ruby set up on your computer.

    6. Debugging & continuing setting up Ruby

    In this lesson, I show you how you might troubleshoot a problem during the installation process in case you run into one. (Feel free to skip this step if your installation worked fine and you just want to jump directly to coding.)

    7. Command Line Crash Course

    The command line can be a scary place for beginners, but there are only a handful of commands you'll need to know in order to use it including pwd, cd, and ls.

Week 1: Beginner Ruby about 1 hour

    1. Playing with Ruby

    I'm going to show you how to run your first Ruby code with the Interactive Ruby Shell (IRB).

    2. Puts and your first script

    I'm going to show you how to write and run your first Ruby script. Are you ready? You're about to get 20% more awesome.

    3. Errors & Debugging

    Ahh help! Help! It's not working! Before you freak out, let me walk you through what might go wrong when you make a typo, and how you can fix it.


    Once you learn about comments, you'll start seeing them everywhere!

    5. Numbers & Math

    Let's play around with some numbers in Ruby.

    6. Variables

    Variables are just names for things. They're the building blocks of programming.

    7. Strings & Text

    Strings are another data type it's important to know about in Ruby.

    8. Getting User Input

    Now I'll show you how to get input from people interacting with your scripts.

    9. Assignment #1

    Your first assignment in this class will test everything you've learned so far.

    10. Assignment #1 Review

    Reviewing Assignment #1

Intermediate Ruby about 1 hour

    1. Recap of Beginner Ruby

    Let's review.

    2. Methods, Part 1

    Methods make the world go round.

    3. Methods, Part 2: Methods Strike Back

    Let's learn how to use methods to set variables.

    4. Methods, Part 3: Return of the Methods

    I'll show you how to solve the challenge from the last lesson.

    5. Reading Files

    I'll show you how to read files in Ruby

    6. Writing Files

    I'll show you how to write to files in Ruby.

    7. Copying Files

    With the last two lessons (reading and writing files), you now have enough to do more advanced stuff, like write a script that copies a file from one place to another.

    8. Assignment #2: Fix the Error

    In this assignment, the task is to fix a Ruby file that your coworker gave you that has a lot of errors. It's not running, can you fix the errors and get it to run?

    9. Assignment #2: Fix the Error Review

    In this video I review Assignment #2 from the last lesson and give you some tips.

Advanced Ruby about 1 hour

    1. Logic in Ruby

    True or False: Are you ready?

    2. Boolean Practice

    We're going to practice the truth table stuff together so that you get a better hang of it.

    3. If Statements

    Have you ever wondered 'What If'?

    4. Else and Elsif

    Else and Elsif are the other half of If.

    5. Arrays

    Arrays are basically lists of things in Ruby. Let me show you how to use them.

    6. Loops

    Loops let you do the same thing over everything in a list. Confused? They're really useful. Let me show you want I mean.

    7. FizzBuzz

    I'm going to challenge you with a common developer interview question.

    8. FizzBuzz solution

    Here's how I solved FizzBuzz.

    9. More About Arrays

    There was more about Arrays that I forgot to tell you.

    10. Hashes

    What? More stuff? This is it. Hashes are basically arrays crossed with a dictionary.

    11. The Halfway Point

    You made it halfway! It's gonna get serious now. We're going to write some real code.

APIs with Ruby about 1 hour

    1. Stocks API

    Let's pull some stock prices and make some $$$!

    2. Stocks API Challenge

    This is the solution to the challenge posed in the last video

    3. Weather API

    Get the weather forecast using a Ruby script

    4. Weather API + Geocoder

    Make an improvement on the simple weather API script we built in the last lesson.

    5. Weather API Challenge 1

    See the solution to the challenge posed in the last video

    6. Weather API Challenge 2

    Another challenge! What a treat.

    7. Twilio API

    Learn how to use the Twilio API to send text messages!

    8. Twilio API Challenge 1

    Solve the challenge I posed at the end of the last lesson

    9. Twilio API Challenge 2

    A 2nd challenge related to the Twilio API

    10. Assignment #3: Work with an API

    Your assignment for week 3

Web Scraping with Mechanize 26 minutes

    1. Scraping with Mechanize

    Let's grab some web pages using the Ruby Mechanize Gem

    2. Searching Amazon with Mechanize

    Let's use Mechanize for something more fun: Getting data from Amazon.

    3. Searching Through Amazon HTML with Mechanize

    Let's parse the HTML from Amazon's webpage so we can actually get the data we're looking for.

Building Web Apps with Sinatra 29 minutes

    1. Your First Website with Sinatra

    Let's create your first web app in Ruby!

    2. Creating a View in Sinatra

    In this lesson we'll combine HTML and Ruby for the first time using a View.

    3. Variables in ERB Views

    Now I'll show you how to insert Ruby variables into your ERB code

    4. Routing and Using the Stocks API in Sinatra

    Routing lets you create different pages and different ways of interacting with your Web App

    5. Creating a Form to Accept User Input

    In this lesson you'll learn how to accept user input through a form.

    6. Accepting Post Requests in Sinatra

    Finally we'll create a new route to accept the POST request from the form.

    7. Assignment #4: Build Your Own Sinatra Web App

    Here's your last assignment

    8. Your Verified Certificate

    Get Your Certificate of Completion!

    9. What's Next

    Want to learn more about Ruby?