Become a Ruby Developer in 30 Days

This One Month Premium Course will run from October 31–November 29. Limited to 100 students only. $299 enrollment ($100 for One Month Members). Enrollment opens October 3.

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In just one month, I'll teach you how to code in the most flexible programming language in the world.

– Mattan Griffel, Instructor & CEO of One Month

Premium Course Includes:

  • 100 other students building at the same time you are,
  • A private, student-only Slack Channel to meet fellow students, programmers, and aspiring coders.
  • 4+ hours of step-by-step video instruction in the One Month platform.

You'll Experience:

  • Meet entrepreneurs and builders working on the same coding challenges that you’re working on, in real time
  • Live weekly office hours with One Month's Ruby expert Lee Matos — get your questions answered every week to make real progress.
  • Ask questions and chat with Mattan, Lee and other OMies every day.

Final Project & Review:

  • By the end of this course, you'll know all of the fundamentals of Ruby and be ready to write code on your own.
  • You'll know how to write a script that grabs data from APIs, and you'll know how to build a web scraper that grabs data from a web page.
  • You'll receive detailed review of your project and progress by Mattan, Lee and the One Month team!
  • A certificate of completion to share on LinkedIn

Have you ever wanted to learn how to code, but failed?

I can tell you why this might have happened to you. But first, a quick story.

I was like you. I wanted to learn how to code. I wanted to make more money in my job ($120k per year on average is what developers make in many cities). I wanted the freedom to work from wherever and however I want (developers often choose their own hours and work as part of remote teams).

I wanted to be able to turn my idea into a reality. I was tired and frustrated from spending hours looking for a technical person to build my idea for me.

(Does this sound familiar?)

But I just couldn’t bring myself to start. It just wasn’t the right time. It always wasn’t the right time. And when I did try to start, I got bored or overwhelmed really quickly.

And then a friend told me about Ruby.

Ruby is a modern programming language designed to be easy to learn and fun to use. And yet it’s used by some of the biggest companies in the world, including Airbnb, Hulu, Groupon, Kickstarter, and Shopify.

I could tell you more about Ruby, but honestly you’re not going to understand until I show you:

Here’s a little bit of code in Java:

for(int a = 1; a < 6; a++){
System.out.print(“Winter is coming.");

And here’s the same code in Ruby:

5.times { print “Winter is coming." }

I know it’s a lame example (all coding examples are lame), but it’s much easier to tell that the second piece of code prints “Winter is coming.” five times, right? You just learned how to read code!

So if it’s so easy, why haven’t you learned by now? I know why.

It’s because none of the classes you’ve taken or resources you’ve used are designed for beginners. Maybe they say they are, but they’re not. They’re missing key information like how to actually set up your computer. How to use a text editor or what the hell a command line is. They just jump right in and assume you already know this stuff, and that can be a very frustrating experience.

Another thing other classes do wrong is that they don’t teach you how to build stuff you actually care about building. I wanted to build websites, interact with APIs, and write scripts that scrape the web. Online guides show you how to do stupid stuff like build tip calculators.

So after months of learning how to code, when it finally clicked, I was so fed up that I decided someone needs to make it really easy for beginners to learn.

And that’s why I created One Month Ruby.

I’m a no-nonsense guy, and this class is my no-nonsense approach to learning how to code. We’re going to skip the boring stuff, and go straight to the fun stuff. But we’re also going to go step by step and not skip anything. Best of all, you can learn it all in just 15 minutes a day for 30 days. That’s less than two hours each week.
In this class, I’m going to show you how to write and run your first Ruby scrips to automate tasks, I’m going to show you how to write scripts that interact with APIs, and scrape websites. You’re going to learn how to read code and solve problems using code.

Okay, so you’re on the fence right? Now I’m going to answer some questions you might have.

What if I’m not a math person?

It doesn’t matter! Learning to code is actually a lot more like learning a language than doing math. I’ve rarely ever used math in my code. If you can read and write English, you can learn how to code.

What’s the time commitment?

Less than 2 hours a week for four weeks. If you want, you could probably cram and finish it all in just a few days. Or you could follow along with the class. Up to you. Don't forget, you'll keep access to the course videos and materials for 12 months. So you can continue even after the 4-week class is over.

Will I be able to get help if I’m stuck?

Yep! I’ll be doing weekly office hours to answer any question you might have. You’ll get code reviews and feedback. Plus, you’ll get to join part of an exclusive Slack community where you can interact with other students in your class and build relationships that might last a lifetime.

When does it start?

The "live" portion of this course, where you'll be interacting directly with me and other students, starts on October 31, 2016 and ends November 29, 2016. However, you'll keep access to all of the course materials for 12 months from the start of the course.

Why else should I sign up?

You’ll get a verifiable certificate of completion when you finish the course! There will be a competition at the end and the best final project will win a cash prize!

Sign up today. Not sure yet? Check out the testimonials below from past students who were in the same position as you.

Plus, I’m giving you a money-back guarantee. If you take the course and you didn’t learn what you wanted to, you’ll get 100% of your money back.

There are only 100 spots in this course, so I definitely expect it to fill up quickly. Read the testimonials below, then click that button to reserve your spot.


Mattan Griffel
Founder & CEO of One Month

Jordan gutman

Jordan Gutman, Entrepreneur

“I don't think there are any classes out there at this price point where you can actually get started and build something.”

Sandi lin

Sandi Lin,

“One Month Rails started me on a path that's changed my life.”

Om student spotlight 0000 alex k

Alex Kehaya, Entrepreneur

“The One Month classes helped me launch an app that would have cost $20,000 using a rails developer, but I built it myself in a weekend.”

Spots are limited. Enrollment opens October 3.