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Command Line Crash Course

Week 1: Getting Started ยท Lesson 5 ยท

The command line can be a scary place for beginners, but there are only a handful of commands you'll need to know in order to use it.

Open your command line

On Mac you can go to spotlight "Terminal" and add to your dock.
On PC you can search for GitBash (a program that comes with Rails installer).

Learn the basic commands

$ pwd # Short for print working directory. Also, this is a comment.
$ open . # or start . on a PC
$ ls # Short for list
$ ls -a # Shows you hidden files and folders
$ cd Desktop # Short for change directory
$ cd ~ # Takes you back to your home folder

Additional Reading

Learn Ruby the Hard Way: Command Line Crash Course by Zed Shaw is a great online course and shouldn't take long to get through. If you're short on time I'd recommend only doing Exercises 2 – 6.