Course Progress

Week 1: Getting Started 19 minutes

    1. Important

    Let's check in with each other... (hope you're sitting down for this)

    2. A Preview of Assignment #1

    Just a heads up on what you'll be asked to do at the end of the week.

    3. Installing Rails

    Follow these steps to get Ruby on Rails set up on your computer

    4. A Quick Sanity Check

    Make sure you have Rails 5, Ruby 2, Sublime Text, and your command line ready before moving on.

    5. Command Line Crash Course

    The command line can be a scary place for beginners, but there are only a handful of commands you'll need to know in order to use it.

Week 1: Your First Rails Application 27 minutes

    1. Creating A New Application

    I'm going to show you how to create a new Ruby on Rails application

    2. Set Up Git

    Git lets you save different versions of your files to make it easier to work with a team, or to go back to previous saves.

    3. Update the Git Ignore File

    Updating .gitignore lets you ignore certain files you don't want Git to track

    4. Undoing a Change Using Git

    I'll show you how to do something really useful with Git: go back to your last save

    5. Renaming Your Application

    What if you made a mistake and wanted to rename your entire application? It's actually pretty easy.

    6. Pushing Your Code to Github

    Let's use git to get your code up on Github

Week 1: Building Pages 39 minutes

    1. Creating A Homepage

    One of the first things you'll want to do in a brand new Rails app is replace the default homepage with one of your own

    2. Setting Your Root Path With Routes

    Setting your root path means changing what page people see when they go to your homepage

    3. Creating More Pages

    You'll need more than just a homepage if you want to build a real web application

    4. Creating Navigation Links with Embedded Ruby

    Embedded Ruby (ERB) lets you write Ruby code inside your web pages

    5. Moving Navigation Links Into Our Layout

    By moving our links into the application layout, we can avoid duplication of code

    6. Saving Changes to Git and Github

    We're done for the week, let's save and push our changes to Github

    7. Assignment #1

    Your assignment for this week...