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Meet The Beatles (Of Web Development)

Week 1: The Web Development Process ยท Lesson 4 ยท

- So the other day here at One Month.
The time griffle, the CEO of Walmart there.
He, at out daily stand up meeting,
read this speech that he wrote and I really love it
and I just want to share this with you here.
So, we all have goals that need to be accomplished
this upcoming quarter and we don't know
how we're gonna accomplish them,
and if you can accomplish your goals all on your own,
well that would be great, that would be certainty.
But we're at a start-up there's no certainty, right?
So he adds, it's easy to set a goal
that you can accomplish on your own,
one where you can shut yourself off in a room
and work really hard and get it done.
I think some of us come from that mentality,
but we can't accomplish much if we do just that.
'Cause then we're just nine people
pushing in different directions.
The power of nine people together is much more powerful
than nine people apart.
And so, the idea is to find autonomy in yourself,
in your role and to ask other people
and to push, but to push together as a CEO,
as like a mini CEO.
So I just wanted to share that with you.
Because as you're going down this journey
you're coming from somewhere else.
You're not a developer, right?
But you're on this journey to getting to developer land.
You're gonna have to make a lot of decisions
in a lot of uncertain, the start-ups very uncertain.
Having a company, every job is uncertain.
I don't care if you're working at Forbes or IBM
or you're a college student, life is uncertain.
Right, we have to understand that.
It's your decision along the path
of which way you're gonna push.
That who are you gonna take with you?
About who you are gonna hire,
about what you're gonna spend your time learning.
Now in the last section here.
I was showing you all these different roles
that I battled through, that I had to learn about
and I learnt that the hard way,
and now you wanna be thinking, okay let's learn them all,
let's do all this stuff, let's figure it out.
No, you know, but we will take it in strides.
You know what I mean?
Like not all at once, I wanna take this and break it down
into an easy way that you can remember.
The four most important roles.
So, this is it right here.
The four most important roles and soon after this video
we're gonna go deeper into each of these,
but I wanna give you kind of that like 10,000th of you,
of like the four different roles.
Think of this as like a band, like the Beatles or something.
This is like The Beatles of web development, right?
You are putting together a team to make a website.
Now these are in order in some way, as you'll see.
You know, starting with the user here.
On the left and then going all the way to developer
and including different people.
There's people before the user, there's the business owner,
there's the money, the investment.
There's a lot of people, the project manager raps,
there's people after the developer.
Like the growth hacker, the marketer,
the people that are gonna sell this.
Right, people that are gonna maintain the project,
I'm focusing really narrowly on going from
having the good idea, assuming it's a good idea,
the MVPs invalidated, having the good idea here
to building it and launching day one.
That's what the bulk of this class is really gonna focus on.
Okay, so you understand that?
There's a lot of other people, I'm not leaving out people,
but I wanna focus on when you have the good idea
to launch day, how do we get that to happen?
And these are the four roles, and you get to choose
who you wanna be in this, right?
If you were The Beatles, you get to choose to be
the Ringo Starr, I mean what did Ringo do?
He played drums and he did it pretty well,
but he wasn't John Lennon, right?
Like John Lennon could play all the instruments.
John Lennon could write, right?
You can choose who you wanna be,
I mean dude, Ringo wrote Yellow Submarine,
that's a bad ass song.
Well you know that, right?
But be a mini CEO,
be the kind of person who has the power to be a John Lennon,
who has the power to like really make an impact
with your idea, your company.
That's what we're gonna do,
we're gonna dive straight into this
with some user experience.
Why you need to know it.
Why developers need to know it.
And how you're gonna communicate it best,
by doing some practice drills together,
so onto the next video, let's do it.