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(Re)Defining Product Management

Week 1: Problems, Opportunities, and Customers ยท Lesson 1 ยท

In this lesson, we start with the important questions: what is product management? Why build a product? What work goes into overseeing product development? What products does Christian use to keep his hair so nice? That last one is up for speculation, but if you're at all interested in product management, then the rest of this course is for you.

The essentials of product management are products! The device you're reading this on is a product, One Month is a product, Christian's shirt is a product. Products are anything that people use - physical or online, hardware or software. Products make business possible, which supports designers of products, and themselves make the production of products possible, which makes more... you get where we're going here. 

Both managing or overseeing the launch of new products, therefore, means managing the intersection of DesignBusiness, and Technology. To put more visually: 


Product management, then, is a role that requires big thinking about a lot of different aspects of a product and its underlying business. It is a business strategist position, keeping all the product and related business teams moving in the right direction. 

In this course, we're going to learn how to manage the intersection of all of these components in order to make a product successful in all of them. Get excited.