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About this course

You have a dream: to build the next great product that will take the world by storm. There’s just one tiny problem - you have no idea where to start. If that sounds like your life, you need One Month Product Management.

Product Management is the art of conceiving, planning, and executing great products. Teacher Christian Arca will give you the knowledge to determine what product you should build to launch, develop, or overhaul your business. You’ll get a great overview of the product development process, as well as hands-on crash courses in product thinking, understanding metrics, feature prioritization, and many other invaluable tools! 

Just imagine: there's a world out there where you can anticipate what your customers want, navigate the risks and uncertainties of meeting their needs, and validate new product ideas before you spend years or fortunes making them. That's the world you're going to be living in after you take One Month Product Management.

Is this course for you?

Who It's For:

  • Someone with an idea for the next great product that will change the world
  • Someone who works closely with products (sales, marketing, support), and thinks they could make them better if they had the chance
  • Leaders trying to figure out their team’s next move
  • Someone who was just “promoted” to a product manager position, and is not sure what that means
  • Anyone looking to “level up” their career in product!

What You'll Get:

  • Tools and strategies for how to manage the product development process
  • The insights to help a business achieve its goals
  • Four weeks of lectures and projects with real-world applications
  • Certificate of Completion

What You'll Learn:

  • The role and responsibilities of a product manager
  • How to identify risks, assumptions, and uncertainties
  • How to conceive and validate product ideas
  • How to communicate with customers
  • How to create user flows, wireframes, and product documentation
  • How to prioritize what your team will build
  • How to make amazing products!

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What can this course do for you?

Product Management: The Method to the Madness

What does it take to make a product that turns the world upside down? What made the iPhone… the iPhone? Don’t you want to know?

Of course you do!

For many, the art of conceiving, executing, and launching a product is a complete mystery. But it doesn't have to be! There is a method to the madness, a science to the wonder. Specifically, it’s called Product Management, and it will change the way you think about every product you've ever owned.

Product Management is what happens at the crossroads where technology, design, and business meet. It is all about listening to what new products, features, or innovations people want in their lives, and coming up with ways to give it to them. Learn its ways, and you’ll become a master problem-solver, a mini-CEO, and an expert in satisfying customers' needs, all in one! It’s the secret magic power you didn’t even know you wanted, and you can begin to master it in just 30 days!

If this all of this sounds like a lot, don’t worry about it. I’m here to be your guide, and One Month Product Management is your fast-track map to greatness. Over the course of four weeks, we'll work together to lay the groundwork for great product thinking. Soon you’ll be off to the races, innovating like one of those mad geniuses we keep hearing so much about…

You’re about to meet your brain on Product Management. Get ready.

Christian Arca

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Week 1: Problems, Opportunities, and Customers
(Re)Defining Product Management

In this lesson, we start with the important questions: what is product management? Why build a product? What work goes into overseeing product development? What products does Christian use to keep his hair so nice? That last one is up for speculation, but if you're at all interested in product management, then the rest of this course is for you.

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

Or, rather, should Christian choose to accept it a while ago at Shapeways. But in this lesson, we look at a specific example of a product management challenge in order to understand what a product manager does to address it.

There Are No Small Product Management Roles; Just Small Product Managers

How do product managers determine the best possible course of action for a product's best possible outcome? Short answer: a lot of listening. Long answer: by owning the roles and not falling into any of the mistakes mentioned in this lesson.

Meet your instructor, Christian Arca

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About the Instructor

Christian Arca was a Product Manager at Etsy

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