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Generating the App

Day 1 · Lesson 4 ·

In a few steps we'll be up and running

1.  Create one_month directory 


$ cd ~/Desktop/one_month/

2. Double check git 

Let’s just check git status…. just to make sure that you’re not in a git repo


$ git status 

3. Generate a new Rails app for our project 


$ rails new one_month_stripe_payments
$ cd one_month_stripe_payments
$ rails server

In your browser go to "localhost:3000"

4. Use "cd" the change the directory into our project 


$ cd one_month_stripe_payments
$ ls #remember you can use this to list files in this directory

5. Open a new terminal tab/window and do the git dance 


$ git init
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Saving generated rails app"

Q. What's the command to shut down the Rails server? 

A: "Command + C" (mac)  
"Control + C" (Windows) 

Q. What is a SHA-1 hash? 

A: This is a unique indentifier for your commit, so that you can reference it, or roll back to it at some later point. This isn't super important to memorize, but good to be aware of. 

Q. How do we get out of this screen? 

A: Just press "Q" (Mac). This screen is known as less, and I agree... it can be a bit confusing. But if you're stuck, just press "Q".