Course Progress

Day 2 12 minutes

Day 3 13 minutes

    1. Getting it Ready for Heroku

    Let's upload our project to the Web

    2. Getting it Running on Heroku

    Push it real good

    3. Show Me Your Heroku App!

Day 4 9 minutes

    1. Saving Our Changes to Github

    Add some professional polish before we get started!

    2. What's your Github URL?

Day 5 17 minutes

    1. Adding in Bootstrap

    Pull it up by its bootstrap

    2. Implementing the Homepage Design

    How can we manipulate the front end to make it look awesome? Download the template from Github and start building.

Day 6 18 minutes

    1. Fixing the CSS for the Homepage Design

    Twerking it to make it look a little better

    2. Fixing the Images for the Homepage Design

    Our Page looks alright, but let's make it look better

Day 7 12 minutes

    1. Fixing the JavaScript for the Homepage

    Looking good! Let's make it look even better

    2. Rebalancing the Homepage and Layout File

    Let's clean it up our content!

Day 8 5 minutes

    1. Why Stripe is Awesome

    Let's learn more about e-commerce's darling

    2. Adding the Stripe Gem

    Adding a gem is pretty straight forward. Just make sure your Git status is clear and let's dive in!

    3. Your Exclusive Stripe Discount

Day 9 9 minutes

    1. Adding a Simple Charges Form

    How do we integrate Stripe into our project?

    2. Sign Up With Stripe and Get a Valid API Key

    Get the keys and turn on the Stripe engine

Day 10 9 minutes

    1. Adding a Charges Controller

    Have an error? Let's fix it by hand

    2. Creating the Initializer

    A step that'll last your app's entire life

Day 11 16 minutes

    1. Upgrade to Figaro

    How does this work? And how do you implement it?

    2. Testing Figaro on Heroku

    We're working locally, now let's get live!

Day 12 15 minutes

    1. Improving the Purchase Form

    We want a more seductive looking form

    2. Debugging the JavaScript on the Purchase Form

    Problems on the client side? Use these tools to fix it

Day 13 6 minutes

    1. Passing Real Parameters

    A tip for a quicker fix

Day 14 14 minutes

    1. Persisting Purchases

    Hey! You've got a good looking purchase form!

    2. Testing Purchases on Heroku

    How are things working on Heroku?

Day 15 9 minutes

    1. Upload to the Amazon S3 Cloud (and feel the magic!)

    Now we're getting somewhere!

    2. Cleaning Up the Receipt

    Making our designs look right

Day 16 17 minutes

    1. Improving Security Using UUID

    Avoid friction and complexity! Let's simplify

    2. Getting Set Up for Emailing

    Give the people what they want!

Day 17 14 minutes

    1. Implementing Emailing

    We've built the infrastructure, now let's send it!

    2. Testing Emailing on Heroku

    Let's see if it works

Day 18 13 minutes

    1. Adding ActiveAdmin

    Getting close!

    2. Customizing ActiveAdmin to Display Purchases

    Let's manage our purchases!

Day 19 9 minutes

    1. Use Your Seeds File to Populate Data Dynamically

    We've build something pretty cool, but let's go even further!

Day 20 16 minutes

    1. Now look at them Yo-Yo's, That's the way you do it!

    2. Creating the Product Table and Seeding the Database

    Let's build some important stuff!

    3. Pulling Information from the Database

    Reworkin' and twerkin!

Day 21 14 minutes

    1. What are We Missing?

    We're looking good, but our page still needs a few things

Day 22 13 minutes

    1. The home stretch!

    Fixing Up the Purchases Show page

    2. Avoiding Mistakes when Hardcoding

    Got a problem? No worries! Let's fix it.

Day 23 20 minutes

    1. Getting Started with Subscriptions

    Let's get some hands-on experience

    2. Creating a New Subscription Plan

    What's the plan, Stan?

    3. Getting Subscriptions Up and Working

    Y'all ready for this? Let's do it!

Day 24 14 minutes

    1. Getting Started with the Database

    Updates are the best kind of dates

    2. Simple Products List

    I've got all these great products! How do I display them?

Day 25 11 minutes

    1. Getting Images and CSS

    This will help you implement multiple products. Download the images and an updated version of the HTML/CSS project with multiple products.

    2. Improving the Products List Page

    Hey! What's your function?

Day 26 11 minutes

    1. Going Deep into Ruby to Make Your Pages Look Fly!

    Let's learn a slick trick for solving a problem

    2. Twerking the Last Few Improvements!

    Just a few more tips

Day 27 3 minutes

    1. Adding the Product Detail Page

    Details create the big picture

Day 28 10 minutes

    1. Varying the Header Images

Day 29 9 minutes

    1. Buying the Right Thing

    Don't pop the cork just yet...

Day 30 2 minutes

    1. You're Live! Making Money.

    We think you're pretty awesome.

    2. Get Your Certificate!

Bonus Videos 5 minutes

    1. Setting up a Git Alias

    Maybe you saw Peter use the command "$ git s" instead of "$ git status"? That's a Git alias. Let's setup a few helpful aliases.

    2. Setting up the "Subl" Shortcut

    The "$ subl" command launches Sublime Text directly from your terminal window. It's a huge time-saver.

    3. You Can Sell This Growth Hacking Video (And Make Money)

    Sell this video and get growth hacking!

    4. Two Bonus HTML/CSS Templates!

    Have fun customizing these two templates to fit your theme. It's pretty easy to change the colors, width and images to fit any project.