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Minimum Product, Maximum Primate

Project 1: Understanding MVPs ยท Lesson 4 ยท

So what does an MVP actually look like? We break down the components of the Minimum Viable Product you're going to be testing throughout the course. Plus, a little hockey action.

Once more, with feeling...MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. It is the absolute bare minimum product that you can put out in the world. It's not pretty. It's not fancy. It's not even the whole of your idea. It is the most basic thing that will test whether or not people want to buy your product. 

So how do you go about making one? You focus on the core value of what you think your eventual product or service provides. Isolate that out, remove everything that isn't that, and build it the least of it that you can. It can be as simple as a "Coming Soon" page or a survey. But it's gonna be a lean, mean, idea-validating machine.