Course Progress

Project 2: Testing Your Ideas 39 minutes

    1. Get A Whiff Of The Sniff Test: Part 1

    You can't actually MVP all of your ideas. So how do you figure out which one to start with? Enter the Sniff Test, an easy set of metrics that will help you judge your ideas. With math!

    2. Get A Whiff Of The Sniff Test: Part 2

    Keep following your nose. We continue the sniff test to find out what ideas are worth turning into an MVP.

    3. A Tisket, A Tasket, An MVP Airbasket

    In this lesson, we introduce the example MVP Evan is going to take from idea to completion in the class: a gift basket subscription service.

    4. Step 1: Science!

    Before we actually make an MVP, we make a prediction, or the hypothesis, that the MVP will actually test.

    5. More Hype With Hypotheses

    In this video we take our MVP hypotheses and refine it into lean, mean, accounting-for-all-experimental-variable machines.

    6. Risky Business (Assumptions)

    As we shape our MVPs, it's important to consider the risks and assumptions inherent in the idea we're testing. In this video, we do just that.

    7. The Sweet Smell Of Minimum Success Criteria

    In order to run an MVP experiment, you have to have a bar for success. In this video, we discuss how to find the minimum criteria your MVP's going to have to meet.

Project 3: Targeting Potential Customers 31 minutes

    1. Where In The World Are You Customers?

    If you build an MVP, will people come? Only if you have a firm idea of who your potential customers are and how to sell it to them. In this lesson, Evan shows you how to find them.

    2. Potential Customers 2: One Of Us! One Of Us!

    Now that you have an idea of some potential customer groups, it's time to refine that down to the people you're actually going to experiment on. Promise it's less weird than it sounds.

    3. What A Beautiful Persona

    Oddly enough, the first step in interviewing real people about your product is creating fake people. In this lesson, Evan takes us through how to build a customer persona and why they're important.

    4. Personas 2: The People Of Airbasket

    Now that you have your research on your customer group, it's time to actually create your persona. Evan breaks down how he did this for AirBasket, and created Barbara.

Project 4: Doing Competitive Analysis about 1 hour

    1. The 39 Extra Steps

    In this section, before we launch our MVP, we focus on doing a competitive analysis of our prospective market, to see if our ideas can survive in the wild.

    2. Google, I Presume?: Finding Competitors

    In this video, we work on searching for potential competitors - systematically.

    3. Just The Tips With Google

    Still having trouble finding competitors? Evan gives you some additional techniques for Google-fu.

    4. Divide And (Hopefully) Conquer

    In this video, Evan shows us how to take our list of competitors and break them up by the level of competition they actually pose - so you can pick on someone your own size.

    5. This Is The Competition Analysis You're Looking For

    What are the pieces of a competitive analysis? In this video, Evan goes over all the information you're going to need to find on your competitors.

    6. Competitive Analysis: Ads

    We dive into the work of spying on competitors with two great tools, SEMrush and SpyFu.

    7. Competitive Analysis: The Story So Far

    About the rest of the story...Evan takes you through how to pick up additional information from your competitors' about pages, and more.

    8. Metaphors Be With You: Red Ocean, Blue Ocean

    It's judgment day. In this lesson, we process the data we've collected about our competitors and assess both them and the market conditions we'd enter to compete with them.

Project 5: Conducting Customer Interviews about 1 hour

    1. What Are Customer Interviews?

    The next stage of the MVP is gathering information from customer interviews. Getting validation from people: should be easy, right?

    2. Taking Out A Hit (List)

    To start setting up customer interviews for our MVP, we set up a system to manage all of the potential customers that we're going to reach out to.

    3. Say Yes To The Interview Request

    Finding potential interviewees is daunting in the abstract, but there are a few key spots where you're likely to find people willing to talk about your MVP. In this lesson, Evan shows them to you.

    4. Finding Interviewees 1: Attack Of The Same Problem People

    In this next set of videos, we cover how to find groups of people to talk to about your MVP. First up: people who have the problem you're solving.

    5. Finding Interviewees 2: Influence The Influencers

    Keep searching for potential MVP interviewees through influencers, or people who are already talking about the problem you're solving anyway.

    6. Finding Interviewees 3: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forums

    Finally, if you still need to reach out to people, we cover how to tempt competitors' customers and find normal(ish) people on internet forums.

    7. Get 'Em To Talk

    Brevity is the soul of wit/cold messaging people you want to interview.

    8. Mass Emailing: Prepare To Lead

    In this video, Evan shows us how to take all of the leads we've gathered and intelligently send out templates en mass. No need to be a mailchimp.

    9. The $10 Gift Card Question: Interview Prep

    Now that you've made contact with your interviewees, it's time to prepare what you're going to ask. We cover the four stages of a customer interview, and acting like a normal human being.

    10. Sample Interview: What Matters To Mattan

    Evan conducts a sample customer interview so you can see how it looks with Mattan. Also, a gong.

Project 6: Creating Your Pitch Experiment about 1 hour

    1. Pitch Perfect Experiment

    The next stage in creating our MVP is creating a pitch experiment. Plus, underwear, venn diagrams, and pokémon.

    2. Prepare To Land...On A Page

    In this video, Evan breaks down what constitutes landing pages and squeeze pages, and the main elements they share.

    3. Hook, Line, And Sinker: Headlines

    Watch for this video's astounding secret to creating great headlines.

    4. Headlines 2: Once More With Feelings

    In this video, we get a little more in depth on what makes a good headline and how to exploit the feelings of others. It's not as weird as it sounds, promise.

    5. And Action! (Buttons)

    We move onto the call to action button, where bigger is definitely better.

    6. Featuring Benefits

    To complete all the content you need for your landing page, we choose the features and benefits worth focusing on.

    7. Level Up

    Evan reveals the levels of success your pitch experiment can achieve. Spoiler: there's more than one.

    8. Objectively Subjective Data

    In this lesson, Evan explains the differences between subjective and objective data, and why you should gather both as you run your pitch experiment.

    9. Pitching Your Pitch Experiment 1

    We actually start building our pitch experiments. With launchrock and a little luck, you've have people interested in your product in no time.

    10. Pitching Your Pitch Experiment 2

    We continue setting up and adjusting the landing page, adding in additional features to capture subjective data.

    11. Use The Force Chat:

    Evan quickly takes us through's functionality and how to best use it on your landing page.

    12. Project: Ready To Launchrock

    Now it's time for you to create your own launchrock page.

Project 7: Complicating Your Pitch Experiment about 1 hour

    1. Duct Tape Marketing

    Duct Tape marketing, by any other name, is just as cheap.

    2. Friends Don't Let Friends Be In A Pitch Experiment

    Before we do marketing of any kind, an important disclaimer about not corrupting your data set with people who know and/or like you.

    3. Astroturfing

    In this lesson, we cover an alternative to going out their and pitching your experiment yourself. Plus amateur ninjas, political campaigns, and the moon landing.

    4. 101 Domain-tions: Reddit

    The quest to find Barbara starts with online community's, and specifically the Internet's own front page, Reddit.

    5. 101 Domain-tions: Hacker News & Product Hunt

    Next, we cover come startup-specific venues for driving traffic to your landing page.

    6. 101 Domain-tions: Blogs

    To be extra-sure you get 100 visitors to your landing page, we get a little manual, find some relevant blogs, and haunt some comments sections. It'll be fun.

    7. 101 Domain-tions: Honorable Mentions

    If you are still in need of page views for your launchrock, Evan offers a few alternative strategies to help you get to your 100.

    8. Analyze This (Pitch Experiment Result)

    Congratulations on your 100+ page views! Now it's time to parse all that data, and decide whether or not your pitch experiment was a success.

Project 8: Upgrading Your Pitch Experiment about 1 hour

    1. Why Is This Upgrade Different From All Other Upgrades?

    If you're ready to move forward from your pitch experiment, we're about to ramp it up, asking for higher levels of validation with a fancier site.

    2. Hark, Hear The Bells & Whistles

    In this lesson, we give you more tools to spice up your complex landing page.

    3. Insta Instapage

    We start building a landing page that's harder, better, faster, and stronger, with Instapage.

    4. Instapage 2: The Thin Blue Lines

    Welcome to Instapage! In this video, Evan covers how to set up multiple version of your site so that you can find the most successful version of it.

    5. Instapage 3: 4 Bells A-Ringing

    Step-by-step guide to pimping out your landing page with optional, but seriously battle-tested additional info.

    6. Instapage 3: Variations On A Theme

    Now that you've created at least one, it's time to start thinking about AB testing.

    7. Instapage 4: Finishing Touches

    Now that your variations are set, we add some last minute touches to our instapage(s) to make sure we grab subjective data as well.

    8. Next Project: Get Complex

    Make your own pitch experiment with AB testing!

Project 9: Creating Ads 43 minutes

    1. Facebook Ads 1: Setting Up Your Page

    Our first stop on the carousel of ads is Facebook. Get ready to make the news-feed.

    2. Facebook Ads 2: Page Setup Continued

    We get into the first step of setting up Facebook Ads, targeting your audience and adding your copy.

    3. Facebook Ads 3: Breaking News(feed)

    In this video, we set our budget and adjust our clicks and finally are ready to take our Facebook ads to market.

    4. Google Adwords 1

    In this series of videos, Evan covers how to set up an Adwords campaign that'll do the next best thing to winning a land war in Asia: having your product show up on Google.

    5. Google Adwords 2

    The next step in setting up your Adwords campaign is to find the right keywords to bid on. Both Google and Evan have suggestions for you.

    6. Assess Your Results

    Evan provide a few metrics that will help you decide to keep moving up the stair ladder, or to adjust your campaign. Warning: this lecture may be provocative.

Project 10: Launching Your MVP 31 minutes

    1. Not In Kanses Anymore: Making Your Pantsless App

    Yer A Wizard, Harry! Specifically, you're about to build a Wizard Of Oz MVP to test your product in the wild. Evan lays out all the tools you're going to need to do that, including legos.

    2. All Your Baseboard Are Belong To Us

    Before you can build you need a foundation. Evan covers the different content management systems out there, and which one might be right for your MVP.

    3. Time To Integrate

    Once you have a CMS system set up, you may need to add integrations to perfect your MVP on the front end. In this lesson, Evan goes through how to find the ones you need and properly integrate them.

    4. You Are The Glue

    (Almost) lastly, we go through how to link up all your integrations so that your MVP is able to do everything you need it to.

    5. It's The Final Countdown

    Your final challenge is to build your MVP.

    6. Get your certificate!

Bonus Videos about 1 hour

    1. MVP Strategies

    2. MRS For Airbasket

    3. Airbasket Competitors

    4. Social Engineering

    5. Pruning My List

    6. Getting A Logo

    7. Reddit Gone Wrong

    8. Pitch Experiment Part 2

    9. Sending Valuable Cold Messages

    10. Buffet Of Airbasket Feelings

    11. Finding Interviewees 4: For The Lazy Man

    12. Being a Wizard — and Outsourcing