Course Progress

Introduction to Swift about 1 hour

Introduction to Xcode and CocoaTouch 37 minutes

    1. Leaving the Playground Behind

    Step out of the sandbox and into your first Xcode project.

    2. The Virtual iPhone Inside Your Computer

    Run your very first app on the iOS Simulator.

    3. Finer Points of Building and Running

    What's Xcode doing when you run an app? What happens when something breaks?

    4. Liven Up That Launch Screen

    Be your app's stylist with Interface Builder—make that app shine.

The Vimeo Staff Picks App about 4 hours

    1. Your next app: Vimeo Staff Picks

    Get the lowdown on your final project

    2. Creating the Staff Picks project

    Let's get this new app set up

    3. What's an App Delegate?

    Learn what the Application Delegate class can do for you

    4. A UIWindow to the soul

    Well, maybe not. But you'll need a UIWindow before you do anything else.

    5. Take control with a UIViewController

    It's time to get our window ready to show some real content.

    6. Set up your dream interface with Interface Builder

    The app is really starting to take shape.

    7. Add some names to your table view

    From now on, the table view answers to us.

    8. A cell of your own

    Get yourself set up for a custom-designed table cell.

    9. UITableViewCell Subclass

    10. Cell Decorations

    Return to the Interface Builder to design your very own cell.

    11. Time to talk to Vimeo

    We want to show the latest Vimeo Staff Picks—how do we get the information we need?

    12. The Vimeo Client Awakens

    It doesn’t do much yet, but we’re just getting started.

    13. Your first HTTP request

    We’ll make our first crack at fetching data from Vimeo.

    14. Give Vimeo the secret code

    What’s an OAuth Header? It’s what you’ll need to send to Vimeo to get useful data back.

    15. Decode the Data

    It’s time to convert the JSON (text) Vimeo sends us into something we can use in Swift.

    16. Modeling Lesson

    Get a Video class ready—your first experience with a model.

    17. From JSON to Model

    We dig into the JSON to get the video data we need.

    18. Show the titles to the world

    We’re working hard to get this data—let’s finally show it off in the app!

    19. Show the Video Duration

    Twice the IBOutlets, twice the fun.

    20. Using the Video class in our cells

    We introduce the Video Cell to the Video class. It’s a touching moment.

    21. Downloading and displaying images

    A picture may be worth a thousand words, but downloading and displaying it in an iOS app is a little different.

    22. More Fetching Images

    More is always better.

    23. The life and death of a table cell

    Learn what makes a UITableViewCell tick and make sure it shows the correct data.

    24. Enlarge the Images

    Use Autolayout to make your images larger.

    25. Enhance the Images

    Play CSI by increasing the resolution of your images.

    26. Minutes and Seconds

    How many minutes is 296 seconds? No worries, our app can figure it out.

    27. You made a real app!

    You did it! Let's reminisce about everything we covered.

    28. Get your certificate