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Can I learn HTML in one month?

Week 1: Learn HTML Basics · Lesson 1 ·

- Hello, what's up people?
How's it going?
My name is Chris and you are here at one month this week,
you and me and a handful of great people here
in the Slack chat room.
We are all together on this experience learning
to code or at least building something with code.
Maybe you've learned a little bit of code already.
You're welcome.
Come, come join us.
Maybe it's your fist time.
Also, you're welcome, everybody can come.
All peoples are welcome.
And that's cool cause we're gonna build a project,
specifically, let me show you what we're doin.
If we fast forward to the future, peww.
This one here.
We are gonna build a portfolio site
and you are gonna get it live on the internet
so that you can show your friends.
This is the one here that I'm gonna take you
through the steps of building.
We're gonna go hand holding, step by step, one two three.
And not only that, but we're gonna learn the pieces
that make this site, the htm, the css, what is the back end?
What is the front end?
All of this is coming up.
In addition, you're gonna have the opportunity
to do a challenge where you can customize the cite
and make it whatever you like.
You make it your own.
Here are a few examples of students from the past
who have made it their own.
Hunter S. Thompson, student of mine.
Not really, but obviously,
but this is something a student made of the Gonz.
Also, a student, Miranda.
Student, Resting Bitch Face student.
That is what you have coming up for you this week.
I hope you stick around.
I would love to see the work you do.
And I will see you in Slack, so let's get right into it.
You're gonna go ahead and watch the next video
where I'm gonna set up expectations for being in this class
and kind of the step by step to being successful
and then we're going to get right into coding.
So, I'll see you in the next video
and I'll see you in the next video.
Alright, bye.