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Course Overview and Structure

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All you need to know about how this course is set up and how to get the most out of this class.

Welcome to One Month: Content Marketing! 

This class has 8 sections with 8 projects for you to complete: This class is broken down into 8 projects, plus an introduction and a final wrap-up section. To finish this class in one month, you'll do two projects each week. Each project section contains 20-40 minutes of video content, plus a project worksheet for you to do. The project will take you 15 minutes for the shorter ones, and up to 30-45 minutes for the longer ones. 

To finish in one month, plan to do 2 projects each week. 

Course Syllabus:  

  • Introduction & Welcome 
  • Project 1: INCENTIVES — Give Them Something They Want 
  • Project 2: USERS — Get To Know Your Audience Really Well
  • Project 3: CONTENT STRATEGY — From ALL THE THINGS to Just The Right Things
  • Project 4: PROMOTION — Pitching, Publishing, and PR
  • Project 5: MAKING — Strategies for Design, Writing, and Making
  • Project 6: POSITIONING — Headlines, Copywriting, and Storytelling
  • Project 7: COMMUNICATING — Emails, Email Marketing, Drip Campaigns
  • Project 8: ATTENTION + SALES — Audiences, Relationships, & Asking
  • Wrapping it All Up


Each project has an accompanying worksheet for you to take notes, take action, and implement your work. Here's the master list of worksheets: 

Breakout Sessions:

In addition, I've recorded bonus BREAKOUT SESSIONS, where we'll dig into tactical skills for building your email list, understanding design basics, and digging in deeper into creating your own landing pages.

These breakout sessions are designed for two types of people: the super-beginner, who might feel overwhelmed and not know how to get started (so, for example, in Breakout Session: Building Your Email List, we'll break down how to set up an email list), and for the advanced user, who might want to go a little deeper (in which case check out Breakout Session: Growth & SEO with Doug Logue, where we detail some of our more advanced strategies that we use right here at One Month!). 

Bonus Talks:   

In addition to the curriculum, we've reached out to several Content Marketing experts who have created brands, businesses, and online homes that have done really well. We've recorded bonus talks to capture their perspectives — such at Tara Gentile's "Quiet Power Strategy," and how to market yourself if you're an introvert, or don't want to shout all the time; or Alex Miles Younger's insights on Book Publishing, if that's something you're looking to do.

Enjoy the conversations, and let us know if you have any questions!