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Find your Command Line

Fundamentals ยท Lesson 2 ยท 1 minute

- Okay, so the first thing that you are gonna need to do
to follow along is to open up your terminal,
or you command line.
That's what this is.
But Terminal is the app on the Mac
that runs this command line.
So, to do that, if you're on a Mac,
I usually just use the whatchamacallit, the Spotlight.
I pressed Command + Space to open that up.
You can also grab that by hitting this up here.
If you're on a Windows following along,
you're going to wanna hit Git Bash.
You should have that installed on your computer
if you're using Windows.
See if you can find that.
I believe it's underneath the Start menu.
I'll put some notes down below as well,
because some of things we talk about in this video
will be slightly different for Windows versus Mac
and I'll put that down below so that you can follow along.