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Customize your Command Line Interface (Mac Only)

Fundamentals ยท Lesson 3 ยท 3 minutes

- Some customization,
if you're on the Mac,
you and me are gonna customize your terminal right now,
just to make it look a little more readable.
If you're on a Windows, I think you're probably fine.
Likely, it's already black and looks pretty good.
But, if you get inspired,
you might want to customize it, as well.
Let me show you what I mean.
So, for the Mac people,
this is generally what your terminal looks like
when you open it up, right?
We got the command line, the app is the terminal,
and the white, I think, is a little gnarly.
What we can do is
we go to terminal up here, and preferences.
You'll see that we have some different views
that we can make it look like.
I tend to like Homebrew,
that's what we use here at One Month.
Now, just watch along for one second.
If I click, double-click on Homebrew,
it'll open up what that's going to look like.
See, I think it looks pretty good.
I'm gonna take this
and I'm gonna click default, okay?
Now my default will always open up as Homebrew.
Here's what I mean,
If I close this out, and then I open up a new window,
you'll see now, by default, we get Homebrew.
So, that's what you wanna do.
Click Homebrew and make it default.
The next thing that you want to do,
just gave ya a little peace sign,
next thing that you wanna do is
I'm gonna change the color of the text
from this kinda Matrix-y green to a white,
as well as the bold, I'm gonna make that white.
And the cursor, I'm gonna make that white.
There's no right or wrong here,
it's really just for readability.
But again, the text, the bold text, and the cursor,
I like them white.
I think it's easier to read, so that's what I'm gonna do.
Finally, the third thing in customization,
we chose Homebrew, we changed the colors,
the third thing is I'm gonna change my font.
What we can do here is
I'm going to choose
and 18.
I think it's just a little easier to read
and a little bigger text would be nice.
There we go, choosing those two.
Closing that, got that done there,
and we can see my changes have been affected.
I'm gonna close them again and just restart it there.
There we go.
And now the font is bigger as well.
See what I did there?
So follow along, get those customizations rolling,
rewatch this video if you need to go through that again,
but this is what I'm gonna be using
if you wanna follow along using this, go with it.
If you like the white, and the way it was,
you can also do that.
There's really no right or wrong.
Hopefully you're set up and good to go.