Design and build your first Android app

Alfie hanssen

No matter who you are – entrepreneur, designer, aficionado – this course is a great step on your journey towards Android app rock-stardom.

– Alfie Hanssen, Director, Engineer, Mobile and TV Apps at Vimeo

Who It's For:

  • Anyone interested in learning Java, Android, and mobile app development
  • Intermediate programmers looking for a new project
  • Developers with some familiarity with Java
  • Designers looking to expand their portfolios
  • Anyone with past struggles with the Android SDK

What You'll Get:

  • 5+ Hours of Course Videos
  • Frustration-Free Setup
  • Downloadable Code Samples
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Updates to the Curriculum

What You'll Learn:

  • How to Build an Android App
  • The fundamentals of the Java programming language
  • How to use the Android Studio IDE
  • How to run the Android Virtual Device emulator
  • How to work with the Android SDK APIs.
  • Ways to fetch data from a remote web server
  • How to use and customize list views to display your data
  • How to debug your java code

Ready to Write the Next Step in Mobile App History?

There you are, about to step into the world of Android App development. The possibilities before you are endless. Who knows how far this code you're about to write could take you. A new source of income? An undiscovered creative outlet? A major technological breakthrough? Your ticket to Mark Zuckerbergian levels of fame? The world will be your oyster... once you've gotten your start.

Sounds simple right? But even a quick glance around the Internet will show you how many beginners are frustrated by how tough learning to make Android apps can be. In spite of how popular the platform is (about half of the smartphones in the world, for anyone keeping track) the process of wrapping your head around the basics can be a real pain. The language can be puzzling, the syntax is often unforgiving, and there's a scarcity of good lifelines. Learning Android has never been easy, even though it really should be. 

That's why I made One Month Android. 

If you’re trying to jump start your first Android app, this class is exactly what you need. In this comprehensive crash course, I'll introduce you to the secret ways of the Android Software Development Kit - the Rosetta Stone that will let you chart your path to brand new mobile apps. 

Building Android apps is a serious matter, and it takes work. But that doesn't mean it can't be fun, rewarding, and absorbing. This what I had in mind as I designed One Month Android, and the experience that awaits you is one that's in line with that vision. 

No endless technical lectures, no circular discussions of machine logic, and definitely nothing so abstract that you won't be able to easily grasp it on your first viewing. Instead, we are going to build your first Android app together over four weeks. I'll give you just enough of a foundation for you to be able to jump in and get your hands dirty, and after that all our learning will be from the School of Doing. 

Whatever your dreams of mobile app superstardom are, no matter where you want to go, everyone's journey begins at the same place: square one. So if you're taking your first step in the Android arena, do it right. Do it with the course that'll teach you fast, teach you right, and will leave you with a brand new, finished app that you put together. And, as with every One Month course, I or someone from the One Month team will be there every step of the way, ready to help you with any questions you might have. So sign up now - no fear! 
Talk soon,

Alfie Hanssen

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