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Set Up Your Server

Get Set Up With WordPress · Lesson 4 ·

To run WordPress, you’ll need a server. In this lesson, I’ll show you how to register a domain name and set up a web hosting account.

1. Use this hosting discount

Want HostGator for $0.01? Enter the code "golongerplease″ for a discount. If you choose the Baby Monthly plan it should go down to only $0.01. Select "I already own this domain," and remove all "add-ons."  Note that after one month it will renew for full price of about $9/month. So if you don’t want to keep this after the class then please just cancel it within a month.

2. FYI on hosting options 

  1. I strongly suggest you use Hostgator for this class. 
  2. Just to give you some extra context on what's out they're.... a few other providers that I've used for client projects in the past include: DreamhostBluehost, & MediaTemple. It's hard to say one is "better than the other." They are all basically the same.
  3. Hostgator is the recommended host for this class because there customer service is great, server uptime is always high, and its one of the most affordable. It's also the one I personally use on my own projects. If you go with Hostgator know that all accounts are pending review so until reviewed the domain may not work.


  • How to host you're Godaddy.com domain on Hostgator