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Learn Web Security Basics

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About this course

By the end of One Month Web Security, you will be able to review your own applications for security issues and ensure the code is properly hardened against malicious attacks. You will also be able to design new applications with security in mind, significantly lowering the risk and cost associated with deploying new applications.

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Who It's For:

  • Rails Developers
  • Quality Assurance Testers
  • Application Testers
  • Anyone who writes web applications

What You'll Get:

  • 6+ Hours of Course Videos
  • Frustration-Free Setup
  • Downloadable Code Samples
  • Certificate of Completion

What You'll Learn:

  • Most common website vulnerabilities
  • How hackers exploit these weaknesses
  • Defensive coding for preventing attacks
  • How to evaluate app security
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Day 1: Introduction
Hacking into One Month with Jon and Chris!

Learn how to fix your security issues, but stay out of your ex's Facebook account!

An Overview of the App We Are Hacking

Hey teach! What are we going to learn?

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Use your new powers for good....

Jon rose
About the Instructor

Jon Rose is an Instructor & Web Security Expert. Jon is the Chief Security Officer at Dun and Bradstreet and studied Computer Information Systems at James Madison University.

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