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About this course

By the end of One Month Web Security, you will be able to review your own applications for security issues and ensure the code is properly hardened against malicious attacks. You will also be able to design new applications with security in mind, significantly lowering the risk and cost associated with deploying new applications.

Is this course for you?

Who It's For:

  • Rails Developers
  • Quality Assurance Testers
  • Application Testers
  • Anyone who writes web applications

What You'll Get:

  • 6+ Hours of Course Videos
  • Frustration-Free Setup
  • Downloadable Code Samples
  • Certificate of Completion

What You'll Learn:

  • Most common website vulnerabilities
  • How hackers exploit these weaknesses
  • Defensive coding for preventing attacks
  • How to evaluate app security
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What can this course do for you?

What is the project we’ll be working on?

During our web application security course we will be working on an HR application, One Month Simple, that provides time tracking, vacation planning, direct deposit, and other HR related functionality. The application has a number of security weaknesses built-in. We will use hacking techniques to identify and exploit these security weaknesses, then update the application code to protect against these attacks. 

What are the prerequisites for this course?

The One Month web security course is designed as an introduction to security, so it is perfect for a developer of any skill level with:

  • Basic knowledge of Ruby on Rails
  • Basic understanding of SQL
  • The ability to read JavaScript code

Do students code in this course? 

No. I'll walk you through many code examples, but you can just follow me as I find vulnerabilities. You won't need to code along yourself. 

What does a Web Security professional do?

Web Security professionals help companies protect against attacks by reviewing applications for security weaknesses, including code reviews and penetration testing (hacking), as well as working with developers to understand common attacks and insecure coding practices. They also work with operations teams to ensure ongoing systems are protected and help monitor and analyze suspicious network traffic.

As an absolute beginner, what can I expect to accomplish in one month of Web Security training?

  • You should be able to review any code you have written for common vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection and Cross-Site Scripting.
  • You should be able to use popular security testing tools to identify security bugs in applications.
  • Next time you hear about a hack on the news, you will understand the underlying technical details - impress your friends and bosses!

If I were willing to put in only 60 minutes of work, what could you teach me about Web Security that I could actually use?

I’d teach you the most common hacking tool, a web proxy, how to use it, and how you can debug and hack into websites. I’d provide a high level view of the most common web application attacks, how to find them, and how to fix them. With your new hacking skills, you will find it hard to stop after just 60 minutes because the way you look at web sites will have been forever changed.

If I only had 3 minutes, how would you sell me on WHY I should learn Web Security?

No one wants to be responsible for code that fails to work properly, especially if the code you write exposes a security hole and leads to your company or your customers being hacked. Anything running on the internet is constantly being probed and tested by hackers. Without understanding the basics of security, it’s just a matter of time before your code is broken. Understanding the fundamentals of security will give you a deeper insight into how different technology stacks work, making you a better developer and a more valuable resource to businesses. Building your skills through web security courses will help you push your career to the next level and distinguish you from the millions of other Rails developers in the world.

Talk soon,
Jon Rose

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Day 1: Introduction
Hacking into One Month with Jon and Chris!

Learn how to fix your security issues, but stay out of your ex's Facebook account!

An Overview of the App We Are Hacking

Hey teach! What are we going to learn?

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Use your new powers for good....

Meet your instructor, Jon Rose

Jon rose
About the Instructor

Jon Rose is an Instructor & Web Security Expert. Jon is the Chief Security Officer at Dun and Bradstreet and studied Computer Information Systems at James Madison University.

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