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6 Reasons to Learn SQL

Week 1: Learn SQL in One Month · Lesson 3 ·

SQL is one of the most popular coding languages in the world! It’s used by some of the world’s biggest companies, like Apple, Netflix, Google, Uber, and many others. And SQL is not just for tech companies and developers! Business analysts, product managers, CEOs, and data scientists all benefit from knowing SQL programming.

Top 6 Reasons to Learn SQL

  1. SQL is popular.
  2. SQL is a common standard, which means it can be used alongside nearly any other programming language (Python, PHP, Ruby, etc.).
  3. SQL is easy to learn.
  4. SQL can handle millions of rows of data.
  5. SQL isn’t going anywhere.
  6. Knowledge of SQL is in high demand and can help you get a higher paying job.

Book Recommendation

SQL in 10 Minutes a Day by Sams Teach Yourself is a wonderful SQL reference book that includes the most common use cases for SQL commands like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, JOINS etc. You don't need it for this course, but it's a great book to have around when you're writing SQL.