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A Room With A Project View

Kickoff ยท Lesson 3 ยท

Here you'll find the overview of the goals and different projects we're going to be working on throughout the course which will help you develop coding confidence, front-end optimization, and responsive web design skills.

The four projects we're going to work on this course will all touch on different aspects of responsive web design and help you achieve the following goals: 

1. Responsive Web Design Skills — the ability to code so that your site can change at the click-and-drag of a mouse, and as well as building in different views for various platforms (mobile, tablet, desktop) your content can be hosted on. 

2. Confidence In Coding 


Look at this man. Look at that confidence. This course will help you develop your HTML skills so that you're more conversant with the language and comfortable coding more professionally. 

3. An Intermediate Level Of Front-End Development Skill - Each project you'll work on is going to help you hone your front-end skills. 

4. Optimization Techniques - This course is intended to give you an overview of best optimization practices so that your code will not only look and respond well but stand the test of time.