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What Can Python do?

Week 1: A Brief Introduction to Python ยท Lesson 2 ยท

Python is a general-purpose programming language that has wide application in various fields. In this lesson, we look at some areas in which Python is used, for example in web development, desktop app development, data science, building Internet of Things, creating distributed systems, etc. What can you do with Python? There are many, many cool things! We take a look, as well as cover what you will learn in this course.

What can you do with Python?

Python allows you to: 

  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Scrape data from websites like Google and Amazon
  • Interact with servers and APIs like Facebook, Twilio, Weather Forecasts, and Twitter
  • Perform data analysis 

What famous companies use Python?

Python is used by companies like Dropbox, Google, Pinterest, The Washington Post, Firefox, and Instagram. It is HUGE, and yet you only need to know a fraction of the Python language in order to build very compelling apps. Many experienced developers have only barely scratched the surface. In this course, we'll focus on the most important parts of the Python language so that you can start building apps, master data analysis, and potentially land a job where you can write Python code. 

Python resources