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Can I Learn Python in a Month?

Week 1: A Brief Introduction to Python ยท Lesson 1 ยท

- Hi everyone, welcome to One Month Python,
brought to you by One Month.
My name is Mattan Griffel
and I'm gonna introduce myself really quickly
before we get started.
So I'm one of the co-founders of One Month along
with Chris Castiglione who you may have seen before
if you have taken any other One Month classes.
Such as Programming for Non-programmers
or One Month H.T.M.L. or One Month's JavaScript.
My story is that I've probably
started out learning programming a lot like you.
I never studied computer science.
I actually you know studied business undergrad
and I started working at a startup out of college
and I came up with this idea at some point along the way
for something I wanted to build.
The problem was that I didn't actually know how to build it.
I knew it was technical so I knew
that I'd probably need a developer.
It was this idea for a website basically.
And I kept trying to find developers.
I live here in New York City
so there's all these tech meet-ups you can go to.
Friend of mine told me to check out a few.
And I kept pitching my idea around to people
but they kind of weren't all that interested
or it didn't really stick.
Or I would find people sometimes
but I didn't have any money to pay a developer.
I was looking for a technical co-founder essentially
and after months and months of going around
to tryin' to find someone who could make
this idea happen I had a friend named John
and John sat me down and he said,
"Listen Mattan, I hate to break it to you
"but if you're looking for someone else
"to make your idea happen it's never gonna happen.
"Stop waiting to find that perfect technical co-founder
and start learning how to code yourself."
And he told me this story of how he
had initially taught himself how to code.
Using some online guides he spent the summer working
at a parking garage in high school and managed
to find these guides and build a website for himself
and even though he didn't know anything about coding.
And this to me inspired me because it made me realize
okay maybe this is something I can try.
I didn't really have high expectations but I give it a shot
and I gave myself exactly a month
'cause I figured I don't wanna do this
for too long before I know that maybe it's not for me
but I thought I would need at least a month.
Not just like a week or a few days
to see if I can actually build something real.
And at the end of that month I was astounded by
the progress that I had made.
You'd be surprised at how much you can learn
in a short amount of time with a month of dedicated effort
and that one month has been the starting-off point for
so many amazing changes in my career.
Based on that course I started teaching at General Assembly
and on Skillshare and Udemy and a few other places
and actually ended up producing one of
the best selling classes they had ever had.
We had 6000 students in this first Skillshare course
and all that it was was me telling other people
about how I had managed to learn how to code in a month.
I was showing people the tips of where they should start
because alotta people don't know where they should start
and I just put together the class
that I wish had existed for me when I was first learning
Because unfortunately, as you'll learn,
if you watch YouTube videos or pick up a book
alotta these guides are not built with beginners in mind
and they don't really expect that you wanna be able
to do something tangible and have something to show
for yourself after a short amount of time.
So they'll start either way too slow
or go way too quickly and
that was what made One Month's classes
so successful was by the end
of a One Month class you will have something really powerful
to show for yourself and you can then take that
and maybe go get a job or become a junior developer
or build a prototype of what you have in mind
or apply it to whatever you're currently doing even
if it's has nothing to do with coding.
I guarantee that you will learn what we do and then realize,
oh I could apply that to this kinda thing
to do my job that much better, awesome.
Now you're more valuable, now you can ask
for higher salaries, now you're just able
to do more and the marketplace.
So based on that and the success of these classes,
One Month was actually accepted
into this program called Y Combinator,
which is an accelerator based in Silicon Valley.
We went there, we raised funding,
we've produced many many more One Month classes
and we're excited to bring them to you.
Andreessen Horowitz is one of our investors
as well as several others and yeah.
So that's a little bit more about myself
but I don't wanna bore you too much,
let's get into the actual details of the class.