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How Should I Start Learning Python?

Week 1: A Brief Introduction to Python · Lesson 3 ·

You might be wondering: How and why should I start learning Python? To help you answer that, we’ll look at various programming languages and compare a few popular ones with Python. You'll find out why Python is a useful tool to have under your belt whether you are learning your first language or looking to learn an additional one. You’ll find out why Python is especially a good language to learn for first-time developers.

Before you learn Python learn web development basics 

Before we install Python, let's think about where we need to start with it, and what we want to build. 

Web Applications are tools you access over the internet. You open up a browser, and go to a website, and load an application - which lives on someone else's computer, but is being shown to you through your browser. 

Front-end vs. back-end

Every application has both a front-end and a back-end.

The front-end is what you see on the browser, and the back-end is what handles the work behind the scenes: a database that stores everything you need, and rules, which connect the information in your database to the way you want it seen on someone's browser. 

Front-end languages: 

Back-end languages: 


  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • Postgres  
  • SQLite