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Journey To The Center Of The Problem

Week 1: The Web Development Process ยท Lesson 1 ยท

Programming is about solving problems. But before you can find a solution, you have to first fully understand the problem. In this lesson, we discuss ways in which you can work through your ideas, get to the bottom of the exact problem you are trying to solve, formulate a solution and start working on it. You will get pointers that will help you get your ideas from your head onto a computer as well as how to communicate them to others involved in the problem-solving process like developers and designers.

You might see computer coding as an entirely different language (and you'd be right!). But at its heart, coding is all about problem-solving. So the first step in understanding how to communicate your ideas through technology is to understand what the problem you want to address really is. If you can articulate that, you have a goal that you and/or a coding expert can work towards. 

If you're not already familiar with it, you can read more about The 5 Whys

- So the main question of this class is how do I
communicate an idea from my head to a computer
So I have this idea of something I want to build.
I want to build an app, I want to build a website,
How do I communicate that to get it coded right?
Do I just jump in and start coding it?
What if I can't code it myself?
Do I hire people?
Well how do I communicate to find the developer
whose going to do that?
Or maybe I have developers but I don't know
how to communicate what I see in my head to
what they see which is probably some code, which
I can't communicate we don't have a common language
These are communication problems and that's what
we're going to work on.
Though the examples I just gave you, you can see
that there's a few different problems in there.
It's not only a coding problem if it was that
I'd say "Hey let's just start coding right now."
And you know what maybe that is one solution to
the problem.
But, maybe the tool that you need to solve your
problem actually isn't code and we're going to talk
about that as well.
There's great ways to solve problems and there's
some apps out there and there's some methods
out there where you don't even need to code.
So that's going to be really cool.
Especially for a non-programmer.
In addition there's some people out there who can
help you right.
You just have to know where to look for them and
who to hire or to talk to about your idea.
We're going to go through that as well and get
you versed in all the different possible people
you could hire and then we're going to focus on
four that I think are going to be,
the ones you're going to want to look for.
So we're going to go through that as well.
So again, we're still refining and refining
this idea you have and you want to communicate it.
Okay, you want to communicate an idea,
I've said that a million times, but why right.
There's always an underlining personal
risk, or goal, or desire right for making this
thing and that brings us to the problem.
Every great idea has a problem.
Is there some problem that you ran up against?
You thought hey if I could just make an app right
to solve that problem I could make a lot of money.
Man, if I could just make a website to organize
my mom's documents at her company
I could help her business flourish right.
I could you know, make the thing of my dreams
in my head right.
I could save lives by helping donations
come in.
Whatever idea it is right, that you want to
Let's start being more honest about what is the
underlying motivation for it?
Think about that maybe even pause and take a
second to jot down the five why's.
Why am I doing this?
You know why, why, why.
Look up the five why's if you don't know it.
So that's where we want to be we want to get to
that core problem because coding as you're
going to see is all about problem solving.
So the next video I'm going to give you the
definition for programming and we're going to
look at some examples and metaphors to help
keep it clear in your head as we go through this
We're talking the same language okay, I'll see
you in the next video.