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Life, The Universe, And Everything You Need For This Course

Week 4: Back-end Development ยท Lesson 1 ยท

- Hello, how's it going?
My name's Chris,
and you are in the right place.
This is where you need to be right now.
We're here at One Month.
I am the Dean and a fellow teacher here at One Month.
And all you need to know right now
is that you're in the right place
and two pieces of information that you can do right now
to get your brain prepped for the upcoming class.
So, two things.
Number one, Get in Slack, number one.
Slack is our communication channel
where we'll be chatting.
If we get stuck, we could get unstuck
by helping each other out.
There'll be other students taking the course
at the same exact time as you.
The announcements for the new videos
will be launched there.
Slack, Slack, Slack is where you wanna be.
So get in that.
You should have received an e-mail.
Get on it, okay.
Second thing is just getting your brain ready
for some expectations of what's in a one-month course.
Here's how it works.
The course is going to start on a Monday,
and you will get an assignment on that Monday,
and the following Sunday, your homework will be due.
So you'll have one week, in your own time,
to watch the videos, do the project,
and submit the homework.
You submit the homework each week,
and you will get a grade out of 20 points
and personalized feedback on how ya doing.
That's what's gonna come back every week
if you do the project.
You do that for four weeks,
building a project every single week,
and by the end, if you get through it all,
you'll get a certificate,
which you can share on your LinkedIn wall,
with future employers, all that jazz.
It's gonna be good stuff.
So those are the expectations.
Put some time on the calendar,
about 2-3 hours every week.
You can do that all in one big chunk,
or you can kind of, 15 minutes a day,
whatever-- (laughs)
I know, maybe 15-30 minutes a day, whatever it needs,
but that's what you need to know
getting ready for this.
So, Slack, getting your brain ready
for doing some work.
I'm not gonna say this is gonna be easy,
but it's gonna be really rewarding.
We're gonna help you succeed and make some awesome stuff.
So, welcome to One Month, and I'll see you in Slack.
(bubbly music)