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Life, The Universe, And Everything You Need For This Course

Week 1: The Web Development Process ยท Lesson 1 ยท

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1. Make sure you're in Slack

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2. Expectations for the course 


  • Every Monday you’ll receive roughly one hour of videos from me. Along with a homework challenge.
  • All homework challenges are due the following SUNDAY by 11:59pm EST. You submit them to the site, their’s a "Submit Assignment tab:
  • Put 2-3 hours on your calendar each week. (all at once, or even better split among 2 or 3 days). There will be a leaderboard for those of you who excel the most. Get on it!
Your Grade:
  • For each assignment, you will receive a grade of 20 points
  • Your total grade is 20 points (x 4 assignment) + 20 points for participation, helping other students, AND watching all the videos. If you do that, you will graduate and earn your certificate.
  • If you have questions? I suggest that you always ask in the public Slack channels, rather than DM-ing me.