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Sanity Check

Day 1 · Lesson 3 ·

Do you have the latest version of Ruby & Rails? Check it out.

1. Open Terminal 

Do you forget how to open Terminal? 

  1. On Mac you can go to spotlight "Terminal" and add to your dock.
  2. On PC you can search for Gitbash (a program that comes with Rails installer).

2. Check your Ruby version

$ ruby -v   
# This should return at least 2.x.x

3. Check your Rails version

rails -v 
# This should return at least 4.x.x

4. Check your Git verision 

git --version
# This should return at least 1.7.10 or higher 

5. Need Help Installing Rails? 

We've got you covered. Swing by our step-by-step guide for installing Rails:

Install Rails