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Install Sublime Text

Day 1 ยท Lesson 2 ยท

Download Sublime Text. Sublime will be our text editor. A text editor is an application that we can use to code HTML and CSS (and nearly every other programming language).

- Alright, let's get you and me coding.
We're gonna start building our first mini project
and then we'll jump into the portfolio
that I told you about.
So, to start coding
you're going to wanna download Sublime Text.
Sublime Text is what's known as a code editor
and it allows us to code HTML, CSS, ready?
Javascript, Rails, Python, Java,
almost any single programming language you heard of
you can code with this one software application.
It's pretty sweet.
And it is free for the most part.
It is free to use, you might get a little pop-up
that says "buy me" sometimes,
and you can choose to buy it or not.
It really doesn't matter.
You can keep using it for free without problems
and I recommend it.
This is what many professional developers use
and we're gonna use it here in this course for your success.
It's gonna be great.
So to download all you need to do
is go to this website here, sublimetext.com.
Go to sublimetext.com
and press this blue button.
This blue button knows what browser, I'm sorry,
knows what operating system you have,
so it knows I have a Mac and I can download it
of your own PC, it will say PC.
All you have to do is download this here,
give it a second, and then install it.
So I'll leave you with that part there to install it,
it'll only take a second.
Once it downloads you're gonna wanna double click it
on the Mac and, give it a second, and then you wanna drag it
into your applications window on the Mac.
That is how you will use this, right?
So it suggests that to you.
All you wanna do is drag it into there and that's really
how you open every new application on a Mac,
you drag it into there.
'Cause then it will appear in your applications folder
and you can grab it there or you can do the shortcut,
what is it on the Mac, Spotlight
or this kind of search thing you can search for it any time.
Also, once you put it in your applications window
you can drag it to your dock,
so that you always have it available.
If you've made it to this screen here,
this big black open box,
you know that you have it installed.
And that's great.
So once you get here you can stop,
you've two thumbs-ed up success.
Do this on the Windows or the Mac, get to this screen here
and then that's pretty much it.
If you have a side bar you can hide it if you want,
it doesn't matter, you can show it.
It really doesn't matter at this point.
But that means you're successful.
So do that, and then I'll see you in the next video.
Take a second to do that. Bye.