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C is for Cookie Monster

Day 4 ยท Lesson 1 ยท

Let's start building our portfolio site

Download the template 

  1. Download the Cookie Monster Template 
- Hey, what is up my little Fig Newtons?
How's it going?
We're back making the main project.
I hope you're keeping up so far.
We got our main fundamental skills down,
and now we're gonna make a portfolio piece for our client.
Yeah so we have a client for this.
Somebody who is requesting of us
to make something for them,
which is usually the way that I work.
Usually someone will send me an idea,
maybe they'll sketch it out on a napkin,
or they'll send me some Photoshop stills,
or maybe just a bunch of images of sites they like,
and they'll say,
"Hey Chris, can you make something like this?"
Usually the client doesn't know how to code, right?
Our client in this case is Cookie Monster,
and Cookie Monster, he needs a portfolio site
because he needs to get a job.
You know, things over on Sesame Street,
they're going pretty well, but you know,
he wants to grow up, he wants to go to college,
he wants to get out there in the world.
He's putting together a portfolio site.
And he asked me if you could make him one.
So that's what we're doin' here.
So this is the site we're gonna make.
We have this, just kinda describe it a little bit.
We have this big image of Cookie Monster,
we have some text over here in this container,
and we have some social media buttons.
All of this we are gonna pull together
in the next few lessons.
To get started, all you need to do now
is download this zip folder.
There's a link down below,
and you want to download this and put it on your desktop.
We're always working off the desktop here.
So I have it here, and then I just need to unzip it.
On the Mac, I can double click,
and it will give me the folder inside.
You might need to right click and unzip, or something,
depending on the computer you are on.
But more or less, you want the folder that's inside
and I'm just gonna delete that.
I don't need that anymore.
And then inside, I have something that says index,
read me, CSS images, this is how I know it's correct.
So go ahead and do that, make sure it looks just like mine,
clean it up a little bit if it for some reason
doesn't look exactly like that.
But you want that in this folder here,
and that's all you need to get started coding
the portfolio piece for our client, Cookie Monster,
in the next video.
Alright, let's go head there,
and we'll get started building.