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What is JavaScript?

Getting Started ยท Lesson 3 ยท

Let's make sure we're both on the same page! JavaScript is a front-end programming language (along with HTML & CSS)...

Javascript is one of the few, the proud, the front-end programming languages. What's a programming language, I hear you ask? Basically, a programming language is a set of instructions to solve a problem. Just with code, so that computers can help us solve those programs. 

There are three front-end languages. They're all about how things look in your browser, and they each have a purpose. 

  • HTML = Structure. Content and images, what's on the page. In grammar terms, a noun. 
  • CSS = Style. Size, color, fonts. In grammar terms, an adjective. 
  • Javascript = Behavior. Clicks, how things move. In grammar terms, a verb.