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The Goal of This Course

Getting Started ยท Lesson 4 ยท

Iโ€™m going to teach you how to be a JavaScript developer in four weeks. In this video, we show you some of the things you'll be able to build after completing this course, from web applications to APIs (Application Programming Interface).

- The thing I love most about JavaScript
is that it's very empowering.
If you know JavaScript, you look at the web
in a different way.
You have the ability now to write scripts, and write code
to interact with other different websites,
to mash up datasets, to display data in a visual way
that you may not have had before and to access certain data
from companies like, I don't know, Stripe or Spotify,
that you might not have access to as the user,
so there's a lot of power in there,
and it's really exciting.
So, what we're gonna do here is I wanna show you a few
examples of what that might look like, and my goal
for this course is that by the end of this four weeks
the things that I'm showing you now will look way less
intimidating, and not only that, you will know, or you'll
have at least the sense of confidence in how to start
with these services, 'cause there's a lot out there to you
if you have, again, just the fundamentals of knowing
how to use JavaScript, and read API's,
and all that kinda stuff.
The first service I'm gonna show you is Optimizely.
So Optimizely allows you to do A/B testing, that basically
allows you to test out different versions of your home page,
for example, to see which version people stay on the most,
or spend the most money on, or whatever,
those kind of things.
I'll put some links down below
if you don't know what A/B testing is.
There's a whole thing here, and there's a really great
blog post on some A/B testing stuff.
But regardless, it's a really important part,
and it's something that we do here one month,
and to use this service, to set it up as a salesperson
or a business owner, or a developer, whoever you are,
you need to learn a little bit of JavaScript, just to know
where to put in the snippet, for example,
and this is a really common practice, that to use a lot
of these services you have to copy in some JavaScript code.
And just kind of knowing the super basics of where to find
that and where to put it and maybe how to change some
parameters, can be really useful and this will be really
easy to you by the end of this course, really by the end
of the first maybe two weeks we'll know how to do that.
And once you get into Optimizely, it's really cool,
this is our Optimizely look in here, because knowing
a little bit of JavaScript, and the HTML in JavaScript,
allows you to edit this in real-time, whereas most people
who are setting this up, if they don't know how to code,
they kind of have to rely on the interface, and you don't
get the full richness of all the things you could do,
but JavaScript allows you, HTML assists, then JavaScript
really allow you to edit and go into each of these,
looking at the code.
So that's gonna be really empowering to learn as well.
There's a lot of other great services out there, some that
we will look at, we'll be looking at the SoundCloud API
like I said, so if you wanna grab music, this will all make
sense, we'll look at this and some of the basic code
for getting started with SoundCloud.
We won't look at Stripe, but Stripe is a really powerful one
to be aware of.
Stripe allows you to run some code, and here you can see
Stripe JS, that's the JavaScript implementation of Stripe
that will allow you to take payments, so this is a really
cool one to be aware of.
Another one that's cool to be aware of is Dark Sky,
they have an API that you can access with JavaScript,
and you can get weather data, so that's really cool.
And Google, Google has Google Charts, and we will look
at this a little bit in the fourth week, some of what Google
is working on, and Google Charts allows you to use
JavaScript in their framework there to take data
and visualize it, and you can make all of these amazingly
beautiful interactive charts, again, just knowing a little
bit of JavaScript.
So this is the future, this is where you could be headed,
if you kind of stick on the path, and that's really
the curriculum that I set up here.
This course is really about doing things with JavaScript,
and doing what I really see as being like, the bulk of what
developers are doing, using this language.
It's not about just running math equations,
little games for fun and exercises,
I think all that stuff is good, but I think a lot of people
stop learning JavaScript if you've tried before doing that
stuff, because it's like, why am I doing this?
And I wanna try to make this as real-world as possible,
and with that said, we will have some exercises
along the way, just to kind of reinforce things,
and we'll figure it out.
So I'm excited, I hope all of this looks really, really
exciting to you as well, and if so, please stick around,
we're gonna do a lot more.
Alright, cool.