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This One Month Premium Course will run from November 21 to December 16.

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I know what it feels like to sit where you are right now, because I went through the same experience when I taught myself how to code 12 years ago.

– Chris Castiglione, Instructor & Dean of One Month

Premium Course Includes:

  • Up to 100 other students building at the same time you are.
  • A private, student-only Slack Channel to meet fellow aspiring programmers.
  • 6+ hours of step-by-step video instruction in the One Month platform.

You'll Experience:

  • Meet beginner programmers working on the same coding challenges that you’re working on, in real time.
  • Live weekly office hours with Chris Castig — get your questions answered every week to make real progress.
  • Ask questions and chat with Chris and other OMies every day.

Final Project & Review:

  • By the end of this course, you'll know all of the fundamentals of HTML and be ready to start building on your own.
  • You'll receive detailed review of your projects and progress by Chris Castig and the One Month team.
  • A certificate of completion to share on LinkedIn.

Coding is the most desired job skill of 2016

Everybody wants to develop a website, but few people know how to get started.

And I can really empathize, because from Codecademy to various online tutorials, and Meetups, there are just too many resources that leave you wondering “Where is all this coding stuff going?”

The hardest part about learning to code is having the motivation to stick with it. As well as the confidence to build something on your own. And that’s exactly why I created this class.

In One Month HTML Premium, you’re going to start building an actual website from day one! All I ask from you is a minimum of 3 hours a week. And by the end of the course you’ll be coding by yourself without any of my help.

In my work, I’ve discovered that I could be a better developer by focusing on the good parts of a language, and avoiding the bad parts. (After all, can you really build something with bad parts?) That’s how I was able to boil down 8 months of knowledge into 30 days - by focusing on the good parts, and applying our proven One Month format.

So if you DON’T want to spend 10 weeks memorizing random HTML tags? But you DO want to build a website quickly? Then this class if for you!

Our online One Month HTML Premium Course is made for the total beginner.

I know what it feels like to sit where you are right now - because I went through the same experience when I taught myself how to code 12 years ago. At the time I was a music major, and didn’t have any background in computers at all. Computer Science scared the hell out of me! But I knew that if I could learn, then I could bring my ideas to life more quickly and cheaply.

This is the course that I wish I had back then.

By the end you will confidently understand HTML & CSS, guaranteed or your money back. I hope you join me in this coding revolution! Let’s learn HTML together.

I’ll see you inside,

Chris Castiglione

This course will start on November 21.

Limited spots remaining.