Course Progress

Week 1 about 2 hours

Week 2 about 1 hour

    1. The Web Inspector Will Save Your Life

    How to reveal the code on any webpage, and try things out instantly!

    2. Web Inspector Scavenger Hunt

    Scavenger hunt game!

    3. Web Inspector Scavenger Hunt: Answers

    Let's go over the answers! How did you do?

    4. Page Layout: Advanced Divs

    This is where we learn how to create a page layout for a blog

    5. Page Layout: CSS Tricks to Style Your Divs

    Our HTML looks good! Now let's dive into the CSS...

    6. Float & Clear

    A simple trick: if you float your DIVS, always clear.

    7. Floating Your Images

    Here's how you wrap text around an image

    8. IDs vs. Classes

    Learn the difference between IDs and classes

    9. Inline vs. Block

    All HTML tags are either "inline" or "block". Here's why that's important...

    10. Extra Credit: Getting a Deeper Understanding

    Watch to get a deeper understanding of our code, browsers, and normalization. Follow along without coding!

    11. Project: Monthly Resolution

    Now I'll leave it up to you to make your own project. Good luck!