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What is the Command Line?

Fundamentals ยท Lesson 1 ยท 1 minute

An overview of what you'll learn in this command line course.

- Hey, what's up, homies?
How's it goin'?
Chris, here.
In this short video series,
I'm gonna show you how to use the command line.
The command line is super important
if you're going to do any programming
with pretty much any programming language,
Rails, React, Python.
I'm gonna show you just the basics of how to get started.
Sometimes, the command line is referred to by other names.
And that's fine.
You may hear me call it the terminal or bash, sometimes.
But for this video series, more or less,
if I do slip and say something like that,
or if you read something like one of these words on the web,
it more or less is the same thing
that we're talking about this whole series,
so don't let that trip you up.
By the end of this short series,
you will be able to make directories,
run around your computer, write commands,
do a lot of the basics that will get you up and running
as well as know how to spot when you're reading instructions
for Rails, and Python, all these languages,
know how to spot and understand instructions better.
I think the whole world of coding
is going to become available to you
as soon as you understand what to look for
and how to run these commands.
So, that's what we're doing here.
Get excited.