About One Month

A different approach to online education

We believe that you can transform your life in a minute, a day, and a week. So much can change in just one month by learning skills that actually matter.

Our mission is to change people's lives all over the world by delivering high-quality educational content at a fraction of the cost of traditional universities at scale through online learning.

One Month was started by two teachers and self-learners who worked with thousands of students before deciding to start a company together. Over the years spent learning and teaching, we developed educational tools that give us an advantage in running online learning courses.

Our online training classes consist of the most entertaining, easy-to-follow video lessons with some of the best online teachers as well as on-demand mentors to answer questions or help you troubleshoot.

What we teach

Our online courses largely feature technology-based courses. Our current classes provide online tutorials for Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Growth Hacking, iOS and Programming for Non-Programmers (to name a few). We have more than 25,000 students, including employees from Google, Bloomberg L.P., Singularity University and the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Our approach focuses on accelerated learning techniques, and we put the students first. Instead of training people for job placement and artificially limiting classes to only accept people who would get jobs anyway, we focus on skills that people need to actually build their own products and companies.

What are the One Month principles?

These are the principles of education that you can expect as a student of One Month:

  1. Foster a growth mindset: We are open to a growth mindset. We see our failures as challenges, and not set backs.
  2. Define student objectives: We define our objectives before getting started. As you acquire more information your goals will change, but we start with a vision and are open to adjustments along the way.
  3. Measure progress: We measure progress and feel like we’re improving along the way.
  4. Learn by doing: We follow along with the teacher, we make real-world projects at One Month and then apply them to the world.
  5. Create living content: One Month content is always improving our content with the help of contributions from our teachers and students.
  6. Empathetic teaching: Our teacher is empathetic, and friendly. Like your best friend teaching your at the bar. We don’t treat our students like passive eyeballs watching the television, we treat them like human beings hungry for knowledge.
  7. Share with the world: We share our learnings with the world, to benefit others and to improve our own teaching skills.